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F, Little,
No. 43 Chesnut, Between Second & Third sts.streets ,
Funeral Furnishing Rooms.

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F.Little, returns his sincere thanks to the citizens of the city, and country and neighborhood in general, for past favors con-
ferred upon him whilst doing business on Second Street, and further solicits a continuance of the same. He flatters himself that he can
furnish funerals with every thing necessary to convey the dead to their final resting place, cheaper than any other undertaker in the
city possibly can, as he is prepared with every thing in his line of business.

Ready-Made Coffins,
Of all descriptions and sizes, furnished in the best style. Lead, Zinc, Copper and Tin Coffins made, if timely notice be given. Coffins
lined with Canton Flannel, fine White Flannel and White Satin. Also, covered with fine Black Cloth, Black Velvet, White Velvet, and
White Satin, just as his friends may require. Hearse, Hacks, and Horses, furnished at short notice. Also, Graves and Interment pro-
cured in any of the Cemeteries of the city, and Vaults built at the request of any of the friends of the deceased.

Shrouds, Shirts, Drawers, Cravats; Collars, Gloves, Hose, and Hat Crape, furnished in order, and the proprietor will attend to having
the corpse laid out, at short notice, if his services are required.

☞ Rooms, No. 43 Chesnut Street, are open at all hours of the day and night, and the Cooling Board will be sent to any part of
the city. Persons wishing their friends removed from one Cemetery to another, can have it done with great care by leaving orders with
the proprietor. The proprietor is prepared to preserve the body of any deceased person for the space of thirty days, or longer, so as to
give sufficient time for any friend that is in an Eastern city to get here, and to make arrangements to have the body interred.

Look for the sign of the Coffin above the door.