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St. Louis Machine Manufactory ,
No. 183 Second Street,
In the rear of the Missouri and Virginia Hotels.

Wool Carding Machines,
Condensers, Spinning and Shearing Ma-
chines; Wool, Cotton and Hair Pick-
ing Machines; Rope-Walk Machin-
ery, in all its varieties, All of the above
warranted to be of the best materials
and workmanship. He will be
constantly supplied with
Machine Cards, Comb Plates, Cleaning Combs, &C.

Cotton Batting, of superior quality, always on hand in quantities to suit purchasers, wholesale or retail.

J. T.Dowdall.,

New York Book-Store.

N. C.Nafis, , N. York.C. L.Cornish, , N. York.R.Vandine, , St. Louis.

Nafis, Cornish & Co.Company ,
Publishers, Book-sellers, Stationers,
Paper Dealers,
No. 206 North Main Street,
(Between the Missouri and Virginia Hotels,)
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ Goods sold at the same prices that we sell in New York.

Chas. H.Peck, .

Geo. I.Barnett, .

Peck & Barnett ,
Architects and Builders,
Office Corner Eighth and Locust Streets,
St. Louis, Mo.