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The Saint Louis
Medical and Surgical

Edited by M. L.Linton, , M. D. , Professor of the Prin-
ciples and Practice of Medicine in the St. Louis University.—W. M.McPheeters, , M. D. , Lecturer on Clinical Medi-
cine, and one of the Physicians of the St. Louis Dispensary,
&c.—and V. J.Fourgeaud, , M. D. , one of the Physicians
of the St. Louis Hospital, &c.

☞Published monthly. Three Dollars per annum, in ad-
vance. W. P.Penn, , Publisher , 35 Locust Street.

Stephen, W. Meech,
Franklin Book and Stationery Store,
No. 8 Main Street,
(Four Doors Above Market.)

J. S.Dunham, ,
Manufacturer of
Parmiley’s Matches,
East Side Fourth, Below Hazel.

These matches, for sureness and safety, are not surpassed by any in use;—warranted to stand the test of any climate, and not become impaired by long keeping.

☞ All orders from a distance promptly executed. ☜

Western, Upholstery
No. 105 Second Street, St. Louis, Missouri.

Every article in the Upholstery line manufactured and on hand.

☞ Orders punctually fulfilled. ☜

C.Paynter, , Agent .