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Charles Stewart’s
Mathematical Institute
Corner Fourth & Chesnut sts.streets ,
St. Louis, Mo.

This Institution has been in successful operation
for one year, under the exclusive care of Charles
Stewart, who was Professor of Mathematics, for
four years, in one of the best colleges of Virginia.

In this Institute, all the branches of Mathematics,
together with Natural Philosophy, Mechanics, and As-
tronomy, are as thoroughly taught as they are in the
first colleges in the Union.

Special attention will be given to young Gentlemen,
wishing to qualify themselves for business operations,
during the evenings, from the first of October to the
first of April.

This Institute possesses peculiar advantages over
other Institutions of learning, in this:—that it enables
the student to devote his entire time to one branch of
study; thus enabling him to complete his Mathematical
course in one-fifth of the time required in our best

P. S.—Two hours per day will be devoted to imparting
instruction, to young Ladies, in C. M. Ligget’s
Female Book-Keeping, Writing, and Stylographic Card
Marking Academy, No. 84 Fourth Street.

Jonathan Jones’
Commercial School,
C. M. Ligget’s
Writing and Stylographic
Card-Maring Academy,
Are in connexion with this Institute.