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Marine Insurance Company
of Saint Louis,
(chartered in 1837,)
Capital $100,000,
with the Privilege of Extending it to $400,000.

No. 102 North Main Street, St. Louis.

Wayman, Crow, President.

Daniel, Hough, Secretary.

Wayman, Crow,
Unit, Rasin,
Wait, Barton,
Carlos, S. Greely,
Henry, von Phul,
Quincy, A. Keith,
R. M. V.Kercheval, ,
Theodore, Kimm,
John, Tilden,
S. M.Edgell, ,
William, P. Scott,
J. ParkerDoan, .

☞The Marine Insurance Company of St. Louis, having
adopted the Mutual System, all persons doing business with
said Company will be entitled to share in the profits of the
same, in proportion to their respective amount of premiums.

Old Franklin Book-Bindery,
No. 8 Main Street, (up stairs,)

Is well supplied with Materials and Workmen, to
execute work in any style desired. Always on hand a good
assortment of the various sizes of blank book paper,
which can be ruled to any pattern, and bound in the very best
manner. Prices as low as any other.

T. & J. M’grade ,
Wholesale and Retail
Dry Goods Merchants,
52 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Constantly on hand, a large assortment of Woolens, such as Blankets, Broadcloths,
Cassimeres, Satinetts, Crumb Cloths, Carpetings, Hearth Rugs.

Oil Cloths, in great variety—Door Mats, Stair Rods. A large assortment of
Shawls, of every description—Linens, Lawns, and an extensive assortment of
Fancy and Staple Goods, of every description, which they pledge themselves
to sell as low as any house in the western country.

N. B. Positively no deviation from prices asked.