Green's St. Louis directory :
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P. Salisbury & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Boots, Shoes and Brogans,
Hats and Bonnets,
Sign of the Big Boot,
No. 149 Main Street, (up stairs,)
Fourth Store north of the Bank,
St. Louis.

☞Cash paid for Wool.

Eagle Iron Foundry ,
Corner of Main and Biddle,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Garrison & Brother ,
Steam Engines & Iron Castings,
Flour, Saw, and Oil Mills,
Hydrostatic and Other Presses, for Stearine and
Lard Oils, and all kinds of Machinery built to order.

☞Drawings and Calculations made when required.☜

E. A.Johnson, ,
Hardware and Cutlery ,
No. 12 North Main Street,
St. Louis.

E. A.Johnson, ,
Wire Factory and Machine Cards ,

Orders filled for Wire Work, of every size. Riddles, Sieves,
Fenders and Rat Traps, constantly on hand at
No. 12 Main Street,
St. Louis.