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Advertisements. 245
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Houseman & Lowry,
Commission Merchants,
and Proprietors of
Planters’ Tobacco Warehouses,
Corner of Washington Avenue and Second Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Refer to

Messrs. J. & E. Walsh,
A. G. Switzer & Co.Company ,
Berthoud & Son,

Messrs. P. Chouteau Jr. & Co.Company ,
Loker, Renick & Co.Company ,
Henry Shurlds, Esq.

Root Porter,
Manufactured by
WilliamM’cann, ,
No. 251 Seventh Street, North of Wash Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞ This Porter. being manufactured from the most celebrat-
ed Roots in the United States, not only produces a healthy and
pleasant drink, but also acts as a powerful purifier of the Blood.
This Porter will be delivered to customers in any part of the
city, at the shortest notice.

WilliamMcCann, .

Mississippi Foundry.
224 & 226 N. Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.
Gaty, M’cune & Glasby,
Manufacturers of all Kinds of
Steam Engines,
Brass and Iron Castings,
Machinery of all Kinds.