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Mutual Indemnity.

St. Louis Home Mutual
Insurance Company ,
Office No. 90 Chesnut Street,
(Opposite the Post Office,)

B. F.Edwards, , President.
John M.Krum, , Treasurer.
John D.Peirce, , Secretary.

Every man insured by this institution is thereby a member,
and has a vote in the choice of its directory, and a voice in the
control of its affairs. On receipt of his policy the member de-
posits his note for the premium, the amount of which depends
on the sum insured, and the class of the risk. On this deposit
note ten per cent. is paid down to meet expenses, and the bal-
ance remains liable to assessment for losses, according to its
amount, though not oftener than once in a year. Should this
ten percentage prove sufficient to meet losses, as well as ex-
penses, no further payment on the note is required during the
six years for which the policy runs; and whenever the mem-
ber retires he receives his note. The company is bound by its
policies for a term of six years; the insured, at his option, for
only thirty days. Nine-tenths of the capital of the company
remains in the hands of the insured, free of interest; but by
virtue of the charter, it is secured to answer assessments,
through a lien on the property insured, and the lots on which it
stands. To insure a building of the best class of risks, to the
amount of $1,000, the insured would give his note for $40, 10
per cent. of which paid in advance, $4, and $1 for the policy,
would make only $5 for his first payment. As the policy runs
six years, much personal trouble and anxiety are saved to the
assured in not being required to make annual renewals of the
insurance. The company insure two-thirds of the estimated
value of buildings, and one-half of personal property.

All communications with the Office may be addressed to the
Secretary, at St. Louis. Blank applications will be sent wher-
ever requested.