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New Music Store.

J. & J. R. Phillips’
Apollo Hall,
No. 39 Market Street,
St. Louis, Mo.,

Have constantly on hand and for sale, at their Music and
Umbrella Store, a complete catalogue of Vocal and Instrumental
Music. Also, a large and well selected stock of Piano
Fortes, among which are Timothy Gilbert’s, Hallet, Davis
& Co.’s, of Boston, and A. H. Gale’s, of New York. These
Manufacturers have received gold medals from the three last
Fairs in Boston and New York, for fine touch and good toned

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Musical Instruments and Musical Merchandise, among
which will be found—Orphyclide’s Bass Horns, Concert Horns, Cornet A’
Pistones, Valve Post Horns, Bass and Tenor Drums, Clarionets and Flutes,
from 5 to 10 keys; Violins and Bass Viols, of all
prices; Guitars of all kinds; Cymbals, Tamborines and Banjos; E Flat and C Key Bugles; Stage
and Hunting Horns, Bass, Tenor and Alto Trombones; Flageolets and
Fifes; Trumpets, of various kinds; Accordions, with and without semi
tones; Violin and Bass Viol Bows; English, French and German Clarionet
Reeds; Music Boxes, all prices.

A complete assortment of Violin, Bass Viol, Double Bass Viol and Guitar
Strings, of the best quality; Mouth Pieces, for all instruments; Tuning
Forks; Patent Heads, for Bass Viols and Guitars; Bridges for Violins,
Bass Viols and Double Basses; Tail-Pieces; Finger Boards and Pins, for
Violins and Guitars. Also, Refined Rosin, Bugle Crooks and Set Pieces
and various other articles. Instruction Books and Music, for all instru
ments, in great varieties.

Umbrellas and Parasols Covered and Repaired.

☞ Musical instruments, of all kinds, repaired; Violin and
and Bass Viol Bows re-haired; Canes mounted and varnished.

☞ The subscriber manufactures, and keeps constantly on hand a com-
plete assortment of Umbrellas, Parasols and Walking Canes, of every
price and finish Being a practical turner of Ivory, will keep on hand, or
make to order, Billiard, Bagatelle and Rondo Balls; also, Cues and Maces

N. B. The above establishment is not connected with any other music
store in this city.