Green's St. Louis directory :
Advertisements. 251
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Charles, F. Hendry,
Wholesale Dealer in
Finished Leather,
of all Kinds,
Commission & Forwarding
Merchant ,
Corner of Vine & Water Streets, St. Louis.

St. Louis, Mo.
HenryVon Phul, , Esq.,
James, Harrison, Esq.,
Hugh, McShane, Esq.,
Kenneth, Mackenzie, Esq.,
Edward, Brooks, Esq.,
" Russell & Bennett ,
" Anderson & Conn ,
" Rasin, Cabanné & Co.Company ,
" King & Fisher ,
" A. S. Swearingen & Co
" Doan, King & Co.Company
" Child, Farr & Co.Company ,
David, Tatum, Esq.
New Orleans, La.
Theodore, L. McGill, Esq.,
Messrs. Smith & Brothers ,
Mark, Wilson, Fsq.
Louisville, Ky.
Messrs. Cody & Ferguson ,
" Guthery & Tyler ,
Col. William Chambers.
Eddysville, Ky.
Messrs. Kelly & Co.Company
Maysville, Ky.
Messrs. W. & N. Poyntz.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Messrs. J. W. & W. W. Cooper
Evansville, Ia.
J. W.Stephens, , Esq.
New Albany, Ia.
Messrs. J. Franklin & Co.Company ,
John, Brown, Esq.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Captain, James May.

Long Beards, Ahoi! Attention, Whiskers and Mustachios!!

N. D.Artist, ,

Performs scientific operation upon the upper or garret story
of man, in alamode style, at
No. 15 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo.,
where, by the use of exquisite apparatus, (sharp razors and scissors,) hair, whis-
kers and mastachios, can be put in the most refined trim, and beards shorn in
little more than no time. Artist always keeps even pace with the improve-
ments of the age, and hereby banters the “Peruquier to his Majesty,” to a pre-
mium trial of skill, to be determined by the awarding Committee of the next St.
Louis Mechanics’ Fair.