Green's St. Louis directory :
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JohnLeach, ,
Nos. 190 & 192 Broadway ,
(West side of the North Market,)
Dealer in
Best Family Groceries, Wines,
Liquors, Crockery,
Glass and Queensware,
Domestics, Prints, Calicoes, Muslins, Cassi-
meres, Satinets, Jeans, Cotton and
Woolen Yarns,
Nails, Tar, Salt, and Every Kind of Country Produce,
Wholesale and Retail.

The Goods are all purchased in the Eastern markets.

☞Quick sales and small profits is the rule adhered to.

Goods sent to every part of the city
Purchasers in the city and country are invited to call.

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C. D. Sullivan & Co.Company ,
(Successors to Jaccard & Co.Company ,)

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Jewellers, Watch and Clock Makers,
No. 42 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.

A large and well selected assortment of Clocks, Watches,
Jewellery and Silver Spoons, constantly on hand and for sale

☞All kinds of Jewelry made to order, and neatly repaired.
The highest price paid for old Gold and Silver. Engraving
natly executed. All orders punctually attended to.

JohnBunding, ,
Wholesale Dealer in
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Dye-Stuffs, Varnishes, Window Glass,
Glassware, Brushes, Perfumery, &c.,
No. 100 Main Street,
Saint Louis, Mo.

☞Sign of the Good Samaritan.☜