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St. Louis Arcade Bath-House.

Frederick Eckert,
No. 128 and 130 North Third Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

This well-known Establishment is open every day, where
Warm, Cold, Shower and Salt Baths,
can be had at all Times and Seasons.

To the Ladies’ Apartments, the Entrance is at No. 130 North Second.

Lewis, Bauman,
Importer and dealer in
Watches, Jewelry, etc.,
No. 30 Market Street,
St. Louis. Mo.,
Keeps constantly on hand a choice and splendid assortment of
Gold and Silver Watches, Rings,
Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Breast Pins, Lockets, Necklaces,
Pencils, Thimbles, Gold and Silver Guard Chains,
and Spectacles. Also, a choice assortment of Sil-
ver, Britannia, and Plated Ware,
All of which he will sell low for cash, wholesale or retail.

☞ Watches, Clocks, and Time-pieces repaired and warranted.

Hair Cutting.

W. RileyBonner, .

Marcus L.Lewis, .

Bonner & Lewis ,
Practical and Fashionable
Hair Cutters,
No. 103 Fourth Street,
(Next Door to the Mansion House,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Where Gentlemen are Respectfully Invited to Call.

Shaving and Shampooing

Executed in a style unsurpassed—Razors, Surgical Instru-
ments, &c., set ready for use.