Green's St. Louis directory :
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The Second Number of the St. Louis Directory, by the present compiler,
is now before the public. A few words in reference to it may be necessary,
and but few shall suffice.

I have spared no pains in endeavoring to procure, for insertion, all the
names within the city, which ought to find place in a Directory ; and, if any
are omitted, which ought to have been inserted, such omission is attribu-
table to no fault on my part, but, rather, to the impossibility of obtaining
them. It is possible that a few omissions may have occurred, on account of
a squeamish, mawkish sense of personal dignity, indulged by certain indi-
viduals, which prevented them from subjecting themselves to the menial
degradation of knowing my business with them ; consequently, in such
cases, I have had to retire without the information sought for. Other cases
of omission may have occurred by the removal of a family, or business
man, from a location which I had not reached, to a location over which
I had passed; and, again, a few others, by the absence from home, of the
occupants of tenements.

One material defect in my last Directory is corrected in the present.
With but few exceptions the Christian name is given in full, with the mid-
dle name initials. Out of nearly nine thousand names, I believe that not
more than one hundred initial cases will be found.

On the subject of Statistics, and such other local matters as generally
precede the body of such publications as this, I must say that very little of,
the kind will be found in the present production. Nor have 1 been able to
discover any great use in them. They will do very well to make a small
place look big abroad, but St. Louis stands in no need of such factitious aids.
Beside, when a city of upwards of forty thousand inhabitants has been x
canvassed for a Directory by a single individual, he has no time left for
metagrabolizing statistics, previous to the work going to press. It is then
indispensable that the work be forthcoming, with the least possible delay.

Since the late numbering of the houses of the city, many vacant places
along the numbered streets, and within the numbered limits of those
streets, have been built up, in whole or in part; but these new buildings
being without numbers, I have put down to the name of the occupant, the
number which his house ought to have—and all he has to do is, to have the
same placed over his door.

I deem it a gratifying duty due from me to the business portion of the
St. Louis public, to say a word with respect to the reception which they
gave my former effort to serve them in this way. Respectably numerous,
no doubt, were the defects of my last Directory. I have discovered some
myself,and have had others pointed out to me—by some in friendly man-
ner—by others in a spirit of brutality—some of which were properly attri-
b table to myself, and a goodly number to the printer. But from the rea