Green's St. Louis directory :
Circuit Court , Hon.Honorable John M.Krum, , third Mondays of
April and November.
Common Pleas , Hon.Honorable MontgomeryBlair, , first Mon-
day of February, and third Monday of September.
Criminal Court , Hon.Honorable Alonzo W.Manning, , first Mon-
days of January, March, &c.
Probate Court , Hon.Honorable PeterFerguson, , first Mondays of
March, June, September and December.
County Court , Archibald, Gamble, Esq., Presiding Jus-
tice ; Paul M.Gratiot, , Olly, Williams, HenryMc- , , George W.Higgins, , Louis D.Barada, , and
DavidChambers, , Associates. Terms, first Mondays in
February, May, August, and November.