Green's St. Louis directory :
Second Church —Rev.Reverend S. W.Lynd, , nwnorthwest corcorner Third and Chesnut.
North Church —(without supply) wswest side Fifth, ssouth of Green.
African Church —John B.Meacham, , Almond, btbetween 4th and 5th.
Cathedral —Rev.Reverend J.Lutz, , Rev.Reverend S. A.Paris, , Rev.Reverend A.Heim, ,
Rev.Reverend J.Renaul, , Walnut , between Second and Third.
St. Francis Xavier —Rev.Reverend George A.Carroll, , Pastor , corcorner Ninth
and Green.
St. Vincent of Paul ———Decatur , rear Park-avenue.
St. Mary’s —Rev.Reverend J. P.Fisher, , Pastor ,
corcorner 3d and Mulberry.
St. Joseph’s —JosePatschowski, and JohnHaufbauer, , Pastors ,
corcorner Eleventh and Biddle.
St. Patrick’s —Rev.Reverend W.Wheeler, , Rev.Reverend Geo. A.Hamilton, , corcorner
Sixth and Biddld.
Christian church.
Rev.Reverend JacobCreath, Jr., nenortheast corner Sixth and Franklin-avenue.
Christ’s Church —Rt. Rev.Reverend BishopHawks, , Rector , corcorner Fifth
and Chesnut.