Green's St. Louis directory :
12 Churches.
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St. George’s Church —Rev.Reverend E.CarterHutchinson, , Rector , corcorner
Seventh and Locust.
St. John’s Church —Rev.Reverend WhitingGriswold, , Rector , corcorner Fifth
and Spruce.
St. Paul’s Church —(without supply) corcorner Fifth and Wash.
Grace Church —Reverend E. H.Cressy, , Rector , west end of
German lutheran.
Lombard, between Third and Fourth, Rev.Reverend C. F.Walther, .
German protestant.
Cor Seventh and Clark-avenue, Rev.Reverend FrederickPicker, .
Methodist, (Church Solith.)
First Church —Rev.Reverend C. B.Parsons, , corcorner Fourth and Washing-
Centenary —(not yet supplied,) corcorner Fifth and Pine.
Wesley Chapel —Rev.Reverend D.Pollock, , Paul , s of Chouteau-avenue.
Mound Church —Rev.Reverend F. A.Morris, , North St. Louis.
Asbury Chapel —Rev.Reverend H. H.Lewis, , corcorner Fifteenth and Gay.
German Chapel —Rev.Reverend A. R.Yost, , wash, btbetween Tenth and Elev-
Jifrican Church —(not yet supplied,) 188 Green.
Methodist, (Northern.)
Northern Church —Rev.Reverend B.Weed, , 152 Washington- avavenue , btbetween Sev-
enth and Eighth.
Protestant —L. L.Allen, , 225 nnorth Seventh.
Associate Reformed —Rev.Reverend Henry H.Johnson, , nenortheast corcorner Fifth and
First Church —Rev.Reverend A.Bullard, , nwnorthwest corcorner Fourth and St. Charles.
Second Church —Rev.Reverend Wm.William S.Potts, , nwnorthwest corcorner Fifth and Walnut.
Third Church —Rev.Reverend Henry M.Field, , Sixth, btbetween Franklin- avavenue
and Wash.
Fourth Church —Rev.Reverend AlexanderVan Court, , corcorner St. Charles
and Sixth.
Fifth Church , (Free,)—Rev.Reverend J. B.Townsend, , corcorner of Eighth
and Washington- avavenue .
Sixth Church , (Mound,)—Rev.Reverend Mr. Gillett, , corcorner Eighth and
Seventh Church , (Westminster,)—Rev.Reverend H. P.Goodrich, , Wash-
ington- avavenue , btbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Rev.Reverend W. G.Elliot, , corcorner Fourth and Pine.