Green's St. Louis directory :
Streets and avenues.
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E,eastwardly; N,northwardly; S,southwardly; w,westwardly; NW,north-west.

Note.—Of the streets numerically named, those from First to Eleventh inclu-
sive, are named by ordinance, “North First,” “Second,” &c., onthe north of
Market; and “South First,” “Second,” &c., on the south of Market; and the
streets from Twelfth to the westean limits of thecity are named “North and
“South,” above and below Washington-avenue. In the following, those dis-
tinctions are not made.

Almond-st., from Front wwest to Fifth, between Spruce and Poplar.
Anna-st., from Front wwest to Carondelet- av.avenue , btbetween Sidney and Louisa.
Arsenal-st., from Carondelet av.avenue wwest to Second Carondelet av.avenue , between Bent
and Southern boundary.
Ashley-st., from Front wwest to Main, between Biddle and O’Fallon.
Austin-st., from Twelfth wwest to Fifteenth, between Randolph and Gratiot.
Barry-st., from Kosciusko wwest to Decatur, btbetween Miller, Park- av.avenue and Marion.
Barton-st., from Front wwest to Carondelet- av.avenue , btbetween Duchouquelte and Victor.
Bates-st., from Front wwest to Broadway, btbetween Smith, Columbia and O’Fallon.
Bent-st., from Columbus wwest to western limits, btbetween Lynch and Arsenal.
Benton-st., from North Main wwest to western limits, btbetween Warren and North
Biddle-st., from Main wwest to western limits, between O’Fallon and Carr.
Boone-st., from Chouteau-av.avenue ssouth to Hickory, btbetween Provenchere and Stoddard- av.avenue
Broadway, from Green nnorth to northern limits, btbetween Collins and Second on the
east, and Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth on the west.
Buel-st., from Park-av.avenue ssouth to southern limits, btbetween Decatur and Menard.
Calhoun-st., from Fulton westwardly to Linn, btbetween Emmett on the north, and
Lesperance and Gravois on the south.
Carr-st., from Main to western limits, btbetween Biddle and Wash.
Carroll st., from Kosciusko wwest to Linn, btbetween Marion and Soulard.
Carondelet- av.avenue , from Second swsouthwest to Park- av.avenue , and from Park- av.avenue southward-
ly to southern limits, btbetween Jackson on the east, and Seventh and Fulton on
the west.
Cedar-st., from Second wwest to Fourth, btbetween Plum and Mulberry.
Centre-st., from Market ssouth to Clark- av.avenue , btbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Cerre-st., from Fifth wwest to Twelfth, btbetween Poplar and Gratiot.
Chambers-st., from Main wwest to Fifteenth, btbetween Madison and Webster.
Cherry-st., from Main wwest to Broadway, btbetween Wash and Morgan.
Chesnut-st., from Front wwest to Eleventh, btbetween Market and Pine.
Chouteau- av.avenue , from Fifth wwest to city limits, btbetween Gratiot and Poplaron the
north, and Hickory on the south.
Christy- av.avenue , north of Washington- av.avenue , from Fourteenth to westernlimits.
Clark- av.avenue , from Seventh wwest to western limits, btbetween Walnut and Market on the
north, and Spruce on the south.
Clay-st., from Warren nnorth to Spring, btbetween Main and Second.
Closey-st., from Park-av.avenue ssouth to Gravois, btbetween Hamtramek and Linn.
Collins-st, from Cherry nnorth to Florida, btbetween Second and Broadway.
Columbia-st., from Main wwest to Broadway, btbetween Florida and Bates.
Columbus-st., from Park-av.avenue ssouth to southern limits, btbetween DeKalb and Jackscn.
Commercial-st., from Vine nnorth to Washington- av.avenue , btbetween Front and Main.
Congress-st., from Picotte ssouth to Lami, btbetween Jackson and Carondelet- av.avenue
Convent-st., from Second wwest to Fifth,, btbetween Hazel and Rutger.
Davis-st., from Broadway wwest to western limits, btbetween Florida and O’Fallon.
Decatur-st., from Park- av.avenue southwardly to Arsenal, btbetween Fulton and Buel.
DeKalb-st., from Soulard southwardly to southern limits, btbetween Kosciusko and
DeWard-st., from Lafayette-av.avenue ssouth to Gravois, btbetween Linn and westernlimits.
Dillon-st., from Chouteau-av.avenue ssouth to Park- av.avenue , btbetween Saint Ange- av.avenue and Grattan
Dock-st., from Front wwest to western limits, btbetween Harrison and northern limits.
Duchouquette-st., from Front wwest to Carondelet- av.avenue , btbetween Trudeau andBarton.