The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
116 St. Louis Directory. HOI-HOL
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Hoiha, Frederick, butcher , Carondelet avavenue near Sidney
Hoist, John, barkeeper , 308ssouth Second
Hoit, True W., dry goods merchant , 140 and 158 nnorth Third
Hoit, William P., dry goods merchant , 140 nnorth Third
Holahan, Patrick, Seventh near Morrison
Holand, Christian, shoemaker , 47ssouth Third
Holbrook, Richard, Morgan betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Holbrook, Jason, furniture store , 39 Locust
Holden, Edward, chair maker , 53 Olive
Holden, Edward, [P., B. & Co.] Morgan betbetween Fifteenth and
Holden, Edward P., chair finisher , 91 nnorth First
Holderman, William, cooper , Dry Dock alley near Ashley
Holding, John, 158 Wash
Holdson, Robert, Shakspeare Saloon , Theatre
Holdstrip, E. B., tavern , 7 Morgan
Holland, Charles, boatman , Biddle near Eighth
Holliday, John J., [B., M. & M.] Broadway near Webster
Holliday, Charles H., medical student , 32 nnorth Fourth
Hollingsworth, Zebulon, ship carpenter , Tenth near Carr
Holly, George, drayman , 97 Spruce
Holly, Anton, shoemaker , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fourth and Fifth
Holmes, John M., Monroe House
Holmes, Edward, brick maker , corcorner Brooklyn and Eleventh
Holmes, A. P., clerk , 62 nnorth First
Holmes, Henry, builder , 138 nnorth Third, res w Brooklyn
Holmes, Nathaniel, attorney , 46 Chesnut
Holmes, Thomas, Christy avavenue betbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth
Holmes, Robert, lumber merchant , corcorner Fifth and Walnut, resresidence
140 Elm
Holmes, John, engineer , Carrbetbetween Seventh and Eighth
Holmes, Edmund, mate , 216 nnorth Eleventh
Holmes & Park , lumber merchants, corcorner Washington avavenue and
Holmes, Robert S., M. D. , 19 nnorth Fifth
Holmes, L. D., family grocer , corcorner Market and Sixteenth
Holsman, George, drayman , alley on Market betbetween Sixteenth and
Holsinger, ——, 173 nnorth Third
Holstead, Munroe, carpenter , 182 nnorth Ninth
Holsworth, Jacob, cigar maker , 124 Carondelet avavenue
Holt, Ziba, produce merchant , 54 nnorth Front
Holtgrave, Henry, tailor , rear 194 nnorth Eighth
Holthouse & Dausman , cigar store, 234 Franklin avavenue
Holthouse, Lewis, [H. & D.] 234 Franklin avavenue
Holthouse, C. F., cigar maker , 234 Franklin avavenue
Holtman, Albert K., carpenter , 177 Carondelet avavenue
Holtman, William, huckster , 216 nnorth Ninth