The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
121 St. Louis Directory. HUT-IVO
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Hutchinson E.Carter, Rev.Reverend , St. George’s Church , 180 Olive
Hutchinson, P. S., carpenter , Chouteau avavenue near Barlow
Hutchinson, Henry, corcorner Eighth and Franklin avavenue
Hutchinson, Levi, boatman , corcorner Mound and Second
Hutchinson, John, wood merchant , Chambers near Tenth
Huth, Charles, grocer , 189 Carondelet avavenue
Huttel, George, tailor , 6 Morgan
Hutton, Robert, bookstore , 79 Chesnut
Hutton, James, clerk , 24 nnorth Second
Huyer, Augustus, cabinet maker , 194 nnorth Eighth
Huz, Christopher, beer house , 155ssouth Second
Hyde, George A., city recorder , City Hall
Hyde, George M., clerk , 21 nnorth Front
Hyde, Samuel T., (B. & H.) 76 nnorth Fifth
Hyde, William B., clerk , 156 nnorth First
Hyde, John, carpenter , 66 Locust
Hyde, ——, tanner , Stoddard near Chouteau avavenue
Ickerman, Frederick, 201ssouth Fifth
Ielais, George, laborer , Carroll near Rosatti
Ielers, Francis, laborer , 278ssouth Third
Ikemiller, George, laborer , Twelfth near Biddle
Illes, Thomas, 270 nnorth Seventh
Illingworth & Clark , carpenters, corcorner Almond and Fourth
Illingworth, William, (I. & C.) corcorner Sixth and Market
Imkamp, Henry, blacksmith , corcorner Fourth and Morgan
Indest, Joseph, architect , alley betbetween Gratiot and Cerré, wwest of Fifth
Ingall, Eli, riverman , Clay near Upper Ferry
Ingalls, Francis H., carpenter , corcorner Chesnut and Thirteenth
Ingles, David, gunsmith , Carondelet avavenue near Victory
Ingram, Samuel, watchman , 201 Market
Ingram, John, engineer , First near Jefferson
Inngling, John, clerk , 214 nnorth Second
Irang, Adam, barkeeper , Theatre Shades
Iron Mining Company St. Louis and Birmingham, 54 nnorth Second
Irvine, Gerard, confectioner , 143 nnorth Third
Irwin, William A., clerk 104 nnorth First, resresidence City Hotel
Irwin, Charles, mate , betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Isaacs, Isaac, clothing store , 202 Broadway
Isaact A. & Brooks , clothing, 15 nnorth First
Islape, Frederick, cooper , Mullanphy near First
Israel, John, boatman , corcorner Eighth and Wash
Ittner, John, laborer , Stoddardssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Ivers, Jackson, engineer , 246 nnorth Fifth
Ives, Edward H., (F. & I.) corcorner Fourteenth and Wash
Ivig, Nicholas, constable , St. George’s alley
Ivory, John C, collector Third Ward, 53 Olive