The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
123 St. Louis Directory. JAN-JOH
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Janney, Abel, laborer , Benton near Broadway
Janney, Nathaniel E., (N. E. J. & Co.) 204 Locust
Janosen, Duke H., (L. & J.) corcorner Franklin avavenue and Eighteenth
January & Machir , wh grocers and comcommission merchants, 69 nnorth Front
January, Charles C., [J. & M.] Planters’ House
Jarboe, Charles, mate , 17 Gay
Jargens, Henry, cabinet maker , 166 Green
Jarvis, Louis, painter , 99 Mulberry
Jarvis & Temple , dentists. 40 nnorth Third
Jarvis, William H., (J. & T.) 40 nnorth Third
Jaus, Joseph, beer house , 101 nnorth Front
Javin, William, clerk , 168½ nnorth First
Jeadlot, Francis, wheelwright
Jebson, James, Eighth betbetween Washington avavenue and St. Charles
Jefferson, Thomas, (c.)45 St. Charles
Jeffery, Jacob, flour inspector , 7 Olive, resresidence 180ssouth Fourth
Jeffries, John, dyer and scourer , 128 nnorth Third
Jehle, Joseph, wagon maker , corcorner Marion and Second
Jekle, Christopher, shoemaker , Market wwest of Seventeenth
Jenkins, Charles M., trunk maker , 9 Gay
Jenks George W. & Co. , hemp warehouse, 284 to 290 nnorth First,
St. Louis Granary 258 to 264 nnorth First
Jenks, George W., (J. & Co.) Eleventh betbetween Olive and Locust
Jenks & Thomas , bagging manuf’t’rs, corcorner Front and Mullanphy
Jennie, Peter, cooper , Church st near Flora Garden
Jennings, William H., merchant , 146 nnorth Second, up stairs
Jennings, Robert M., M. D. , 69 Green, resresidence Broadway nrnear Reservoir
Jennings, John, clerk , 50 nnorth Front
Jennings, Mrs., widow, boarding house , 145 nnorth Third
Jennings, J. C., student , Scott’s Hotel
Jennings, ——, boarding house , 102 nnorth Fourth
Jennings, Benjamin F., city marshal , City Hall
Jepson, James, laborer , Eighth b Washington avavenue and St. Charles
Jerome & Harlow , furniture ware room, 44 Olive
Jerome, Orson W., [J. & H.] 100 nnorth Fourth
Jerrentrup, Casper, laborer , 27 Spruce
Jerroux, Francis, teamster , corcorner Fourteenth and Pine
Jesser, Frederick L., merchant , 171ssouth Second
Jessup, Benjamin, carpenter , Fifteenth betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Jeter, Littleberry, Ashley betbetween Third and Fourth
Jelt, Stephen C., watchmaker , guns and hunting apparatus , 168
168 nnorth First, resresidence 107 nnorth Seventh
Jewell, Benjamin, drayman ,290 nnorth Thirteenth
Johanning, Henry, beer house , corcorner Tenth and Lafayette
Johns, William, Ninth betbetween Washington avavenue and St. Charles
Johns, B., variety store , 249 Broadway
Johns, Henry, carpenter , Twelfth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash