The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 27 BAR-BAT
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Barret, Richard F., M. D. , corcorner of Second and Walnut
Barrett, Daltan, resresidence 235 Green
Barrington, Charles, fruit store , 98 nnorth Third
Barrow, George, hatter , 120 First, resresidence Fourth, betbetween Franklin avavenue
and Morgan
Barron, Horace, druggist , 78 Market
Barron, Thomas, family grocer , Market nnorth Centre
Barron, Zachariah, family grocer , corcorner Market and Centre
Barrowman, David, marble manufactory , corcorner 4th and Locust
Barrowman, George, clerk , corcorner Fifth and St Charles
Barrows, Samuel B., grocer , corcorner Broadway and Madison
Barry, R F., clerk , 4 Green
Barry, Edward, secretary Chamber of Commerce, 77 nnorth First, resresidence
St Charles between Fourth and Fifth
Barry, Edward, laborer , alley, betbetween Morgan and Green
Barry, Benjamin, carriage maker , 234 nnorth Second
Barry, James G., City Auditor , resresidence 112ssouth First
Barry, John D., laborer , corner of Carroll and Jackson
Barry, James, druggist , corcorner of Seventh and Franklin avavenue
Barston, D., book keeper 148 nnorth First, resresidence Planters’ House
Bart, John, boatman , resresidence Short betbetween Jackson and Wood
Barth, Robert[A., E. & B] resresidence 173 nnorth First
Barth, John H., dry goods store , 84 Market
Bartling, Henry T., “Bartling House,” 60 nnorth Third
Bartlett, Lewis, wood merchant , resresidence of 9th and Benton
Bartlett, ——, provision dealer , 297 Broadway,
Bartlett, Phineas, s b keeper , n s Randolph, west of Twelfth
Bartlett, Reuben, trader , 260 Market
Barton, Joseph, salesman , Franklin aveavenue betbetween 15th and 16th
Barton, Ivers, M. D. , 176 nnorth Sixth
Barton, L M., family grocer , 152 nnorth Fourth
Barton, Wait, commission merchant , 39 Front, resresidence 27 Collins
Barton, John, family grocer , boards at 14 Clark avavenue
Bartscherer, M., bar keeper , 187 nnorth First
Bas, Antoine, porter , resresidence 143 nnorth First
Bascom, Catharine J., boarding house , 102 Market
Bascom, William, auctioneer , resresidence 219 Broadway
Bassa, Louis, M. D. , resresidence 92ssouth Second
Bassier, Lucien, stone mason , resresidence 169ssouth Second
Bassett, Peter J., Thirteenth betbetween Orange and Christy avavenue
Bassett, Ludlum M., [Edgar & Co.Company ] resresidence Virginia Hotel
Basswith, Samuel, resresidence 18 nnorth Second
Bath, William, cord weaver , 130 nnorth First, resresidence 158 nnorth Sixth
Bathman, C A., grocer , Carondelet avavenue betbetween LaFayette and Lami
Bates, Eward, [G & B] resresidence corner of Sixteenth and Chesnut
Bates, J P., preserver of birds , 65 Myrtle
Bates & Williams , provision store, Commercial, near Walnut