The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 133 KIR-KLO
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Kirkman, Joseph, bar keeper , Mound City Exchange, Broadway
Kirkman, Granville, shoemaker , 142 Franklin avavenue
Kirkpatrick, George, carpenter , 51ssouth First
Kirkwood, John, 254 Market
Kirkwood, John, engineer , Mechanics’ Exchange, nnorth First
Kirlher, George W., 64ssouth Seventh
Kirschner, Philip, carpenter , 121 Franklin avavenue
Kirtlander, Henry, stone mason , 97 nnorth Eighth
Kirtley & Ryland , attorneys, 16 Olive
Kirtley, Sinclair, (K. & R.) 62ssouth Third
Kirton, Joseph, armorer , Columbus near Victory
Kitz, Henry, laborer , Short betbetween Jackson and Wood
Kitzmiller, William W., justice , corcorner Bates and Collins
Klamp, John, grocer , 350 and 352ssouth Fifth
Klausman, Charles, beer house , 28ssouth First
Kleberger, Philip, laborer . 111ssouth Second
Kleiber, Antoine, 172ssouth Fourth
Kleiber, Jacob, cabinet maker , 106 Carondelet avavenue
Klein, Joseph, 167ssouth Fifth
Klein, Edward, 103ssouth First
Klein, John, shoemaker , Eleventh betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Klein, Philip, ass’t city engineer , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Victory
Klein, Peter, confectioner , 334ssouth Fifth
Klein, George, bricklayer , corcorner Seventh and Hickory
Klein, Michael, tailor , 182 nnorth First
Klein, Henry, plasterer , 279 nnorth Tenth
Kleiner, John, cabinet maker , 359 Morgan
Kleinhen, Emanuel, gunsmith , 123 Franklin avavenue
Kleinpork, Tator, laborer , Lafayette near Jackson
Kleinschmidt, William, shoemaker , 220 nnorth Eleventh
Kleinschmidt, Louisa, widow, corcorner Seventh and Rutger
Kleker, Henry, laborer , corcorner Hickory and Fourteenth
Klene, Herman A., brick maker , Rutger betbetween Fifth and Seventh
Klenhisseling, Gert, laborer , 306 nnorth Eighth
Klet, Elizabeth, widow, Wash near Eleventh
Kleta, Frederick, tailor , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Klimamann, George, Union Saloon , corcorner Walnut and First
Klindenst, Vincent, finisher , cor Carr and Eighth
Klingel, John, blacksmith , Sixth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Klinker, Henry, stone cutter , 217 nnorth First
Klinkirt, Frederick, blacksmith , Fourth betbetween Hazel and Gratiot
Klock, Martin, plumber , 96 nnorth Second
Klos F. A. & Co. , tailors, 35 Pine
Klos, Antoine, [K. & Co.] 47 Washington avavenue
Klos, Edward, riverman , 253 nnorth Twelfth
Klossterman, Charles, tailor , corcorner Twelfth and Franklin avavenue
Klotz, F. R., tailor , 300 nnorth Twelfth