The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
28 St. Louis Directory. BAT-BEA
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Bates, Frederick, laborer , Jackson, betbetween Duchouquett and Papin
Bates, John, boot and shoemaker , resresidence 208 nnorth Second
Bates, Williamedge tool maker , 265 nnorth First
Bates, George *[col.] laborer , opposite 46ssouth Tenth
Bates, Louisa D., boarding house , 208 nnorth Second
Bateson, Matthew, residence 174 Morgan
Batman, Jane, widow, resresidence 182 Wash
Battscher, Henry, carpenter , Park avavenue , betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Battenberry, Thomas, provision store , 44 nnorth Front
Battier, Henry, laborer , resresidence 12 near Termination
Baty, George, moulder , resresidence 263 Broadway
Bauer, P., engineer , resresidence 111ssouth Second
Bauer, John, cabinet maker , corcorner of Second and Mullanphy
Bauer, Adam, family grocer , corcorner of Wash and Carr
Baugh, Daniel, bar keeper , Monroe House
Baum, George, confectionary , corcorner Second and Pine
Baum, Jacob, boarding house , 114 nnorth Fourth
Baum, Francis, beerhouse , 88 and 90ssouth First
Bauman, Frederick, clerk , 179 nnorth Fourth
Bauman, Louis, jeweller and watchmaker , 28 Market
Baumgartner, James A., clerk , 31 nnorth Front
Baxter, Preston, pilot , resresidence Labeaume near Ninth
Baxter, Sarah, widow, boarding house , 18ssouth Third
Baxter, John, blacksmith , resresidence 55 Olive
Bay, S. M., Attorney , resresidence 15 Chesnut
Bay, Harman, [C. (C. & B.] resresidence Eighth betbetween Chesnut and Pine
Bayless, T., Virginia Hotel
Baynhart, William, laborer , Franklin avavenue betbetween 11th and 12th
Beach & Eddy ,wh dry goods merchants, 151 nnorth First
Beach, Lewis, [B. & E.] 151 nnorth First
Beach, A. W., furniture store , 32 Chesnut
Beach, Ichabod, resresidence 9 Orange
Beachboard, Joshua W., resresidence Wright near Broadway
Beacon, Henry, laborer , corcorner of Jackson and Lesperance
Beardenson, Angel, widow, s Tenth opposite Morrison avavenue
Beardman, Henry, laborer , Ninth near Biddle
Beardsley, Ellnice, artificial flower maker , 6ssouth Fourth
Beaky, William, boot maker , 184 Franklin avavenue
Beakey, John, [Andrews & B.] resresidence 12 nnorth Sixth
Beakey, Joseph, resresidence 255 Green
Beaky, James, tin and copper smith , 171 nnorth First
Bean, John L. resresidence 126 nnorth Fourth
Bean, Moses, resresidence 145 Spruce
Beard & Bro. , patent pump manufacturers, 66 Locust
Beard, E. J., [B. & Bro.,] resresidence corcorner Fourth and Locust.
Beard, G. M., [B. & Bro.,] resresidence corcorner Fourth and Locust.
Beard, Harveysaddler , 22ssouth First up stairs,