The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
138 St. Louis Directory. LAB-LAM
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Labeaume, C. Edmund, attorney , office corcorner Third and Pine
Lablanc, Pierre H., [M. & L. B.] 67 Locust
Labor, P. G., laborer , corcorner Second and Green
Lackey A. M. & S. , retail dry goods, 54 nnorth Fourth, resresidence 68 nnorth 4th
Lackey, Hugh, collector , Hickory betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Lackey, Frederick A., coppersmith , corcorner Eleventh and Morgan
Lackland, Rufus J., (M. & Co.) 67 nnorth Front
Lackland, James R., attorney , 25 Chesnut
Lackman, D. H., [W., H. & H.] Locust betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Lacocks, Peter, harness maker , 220 Market
Lacy, Lewis F., clerk county court , Spruce betbetween Thirteenth and
Lacy, William C, merchant , 4 Vine, corcorner Sixth and Morgan
Lader, Henry, stone mason , cor Wash and Fifteenth
Ladew A. P. & Co. , type foundry, 31 Locust
Ladew, Augustus P., [L. & Co.] corcorner Tenth and Wash
Ladew, Stephen, type founder , Tenthssouth of Wash
Lafaivré, Frederick, cabinet maker , 12 St. Charles
Lafferty, James, s b captain , 39ssouth Third
Lafferty, James, riverman , 112 Green
Laffoon, Alexander, laborer , n Second near Spring
Laflen & Smith , powder makers, 30 Front
Laflen, Sylvester H., [L. & S.] Monroe House
Laflen, George H., clerk , 30 Front
Lafrance, Francis, 76ssouth Third
Lafranke, Joseph, groceries and provisions , 88½ nnorth Front
Lague, Hugh, baker , 335 Morgan
LaGuerrier, Charles, carpenter , corcorner Ninth and Labeaume
Lahey, Patrick, laborer , Ninth near Mullanphy
Lains, CharlesAdam, tailor , 73ssouth Second
Lake, Reuben D., milkman , Cedar near Second
Lake, James R., milkman , Rosatti near Emmet
Lallion, Thomas, laborer , 16 Morgan
Lalamiere, S. P., deputy clerk Circuit Court
Lamalfa, Joseph S. A., confectioner , 43 nnorth Fourth
Lamarche, Joel, 106ssouth First
Lamar, Richard, clerk , 93 nnorth First
Lamas, Henry, laborer , 118 Franklin avavenue
Lambert, David, merchant , 120 nnorth Fourth
Lambert, Clement, trader , 86 Cedar
Lambert, Thomas, laborer , Eighth near O’Fallon
Lambtz, B., bedstead maker , Carroll betbetween Jackson and Caron
delet avavenue
Lamers, Henry, laborer , 301 Broadway
Lamier & Beindick , dry goods and clothing, 34 Franklin avavenue
Lamier, Henry, (L. & B.) 34 Franklin avavenue
Lamme, David S., commission merchant , 57 Front, up stairs
Lammy, Soloman, Sixteenth betbetween Morgan and Orange