The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
139 St. Louis Directory. LAM-LAN
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Lamoreux, Moses, (L. & B.) corcorner Third and Poplar
Lamoreux & Blanchard , dry goods and hardware, 14ssouth First
Lampkill, Henry, 93 Washington avavenue
Lampenmeyer, Frederick, Fifteenth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Lambry, Patrick, laborer corcorner Eleventh and Morgan
Land & Lant , tavern keepers, Cherry near Broadway
Land, Charles, (L. & L.) Cherry near Broadway
Land Office of United States , 23½ nnorth Second
Lande, R., cap maker , 35 Olive
Landes, Joseph, printer , Walton House
Landry, Phelix, 158 Morgan
Landwehr, Casper H., tailor , 275ssouth Third
Lane, Thomas, carpenter , corcorner Mound and Broadway
Lane, John J., clerk , 160 nnorth First, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Lane & McCabe , M. D.’s, 17 nnorth Fifth
Lane, Hardage, [L. & McC.] M. D., 43ssouth Fourth
Lane, Margaret, widow, corcorner Park avavenue and Decatur
Lane, Washington, 92 Elm
Lane, WilliamCarr, M. D., 18 nnorth Fifth
Lanfer, Harmon, laborer , corcorner Marion and Columbus
Lang, C. L., clerk , 98 nnorth Front, resresidence Missouri Hotel
Lang, Henry, 265 nnorth Thirteenth
Lang, Lawrence, tailor , 76 Green
Lang, G. F., clerk , Post Office
Lang, James, carpenter , Clark avavenue betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Langa, Christian, teamster , 233 Carondelet avavenue
Langbein, Andreas, shoemaker , Twelth near Biddle
Lange, Carle F., shoemaker , 236 nnorth Eighth
Lange, Frederick, grocer, cor Carr and Eleventh
Langfort, John H., tailor , Carroll betbetween Jackson and Carondelet avavenue
Langford & Ketchum , builders, 126 nnorth Eighth
Langford, J. P., (L. & K.) 151 Green
Langehening, Frederick, Seventh nnorth of Chouteau avavenue
Langehening, Henry, Seventh nnorth of Chouteau avavenue
Langen, Owen, laborer , St. George’s alley
Langen, Patrick, blacksmith , Victory betbetween Easton and Carroll
Langen, Thomas, armorer at Arsenal
Langheller, Augustus, riverman , 65ssouth First
Langkraft, Frederick, cooper , Seventh betbetween Hickory and Rutgers
Langley, Joseph, paper hanger , 174ssouth Third
Langley, C. H., printer , Organ office, 18 nnorth Fourth
Langmeire, Henry, teamster , Hazel betbetween Second and Third
Langsdorf, M., variety store , 20 Market
Langton, Jeremiah, justice of the peace , office on Cherry
Langwell, William, engineer , Fourteenth near Morgan
Lankton, William, mountaineer , 159ssouth Second
Lannangee, A., cap maker , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth