The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 155 McN-MAC
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McNickel, James, pedlar , Ninth near Biddle
McNiff, Peter, 75ssouth Second
McNulty, Arthur, guard at city work house
McNulty, Michael, laborer , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
McNulty, Owen, laborer , 222 nnorth Eleventh
McNulty, E. J., tailor , 46 Elm
McNutt, Samuel, riverman , Morgan betbetween Eighth and Ninth
McParland, James, book keeper , 94 nnorth First
McPheters, George, carpenter , corcorner Market and Center
McPheters, William M., M. D. , 147 nnorth Fourth
McPherson, William M., attorney , 64 Chesnut, resresidence corner
Fourth and Cedar
McQuaid, John, shoe maker , 257 nnorth Seventh
McQuiggen, Madison, riverman , Olive wwest of Fourteenth
McQuillon, John, alley betbetween First and Second, nnorth of Lombard
McSherry, Patrick T., [McS. & F.] 157 nnorth Seventh
McSherry & Noel , copper and sheet iron manufacturer, 231 nnorth
McSherry, Daniel, copper and sheet iron manufacturer , 231 nnorth
McTaggart, Thomas, huckster , 229 nnorth Seventh
McTenna, Thomas, family grocery , corcorner Seventh and Morgan
McVey, Charles, plasterer , near Bachelor Grove
McVicker, Thomas H., painter , 39 Pine, Beckwith nnorth of Chou-
teau avavenue
Maas, Henry C., laborer , Tenth near Carr
Mabic, Amry, carpenter , 144 nnorth Third
Macartney, Thomas, Ninth near Wright
Maccluney, James, pattern maker , Ninth betbetween Wash and Carr
Machenhearner, John, soap manufacturer , Carondelet avavenue near
Macher, Patrick, carpenter , Ninthssouth of Cerré
Machir, John, [J. & M.] Planters’ House.
Macgregor, Peter, 193 Locust
Mackay, Æneas, U. S. A.United States of America , 24 St. Charles
Macklin, Geonre, wagoner , corcorner Jackson and Lafayette
Mackintosh, Daniel, 158 nnorth Second
Macklin, James, Telegraph Office, 198 nnorth Third
Mackoy, James, wh. gro. and com. merch. , 49 nnorth Front
Macohoff, Thomas, carriage trimmer , 57 Green
Macomber, Gext, clerk , 156 nnorth First
Macomber, Henry, clerk , 156 nnorth First
Macortney, Thomas, carpenter , Ninth near Spring
MacRee, Samuel Major, quartermaster , 32 Vine, resresidence Planters’
Macshane, Hugh, commission merchant , 60 nnorth Front