The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
30 St. Louis Directory. BEH-BEN
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Behr, Dr., resresidence Centre near Market
Beideman & Martin , real estate agents, 73 Chesnut
Beideman, Jacob C., [B. & M.] resresidence 73 Chesnut
Beiderstain, Frederick, gardener , Randolph betbetween 12th and 14ht
Beim, ——, painter , 53 Olive
Beindick, Frederick, dry goods and clothier , 34 Franklin avavenue
Beirne, Thomas J., attorney , 36½ Chesnut
Beirgerstock, Casper, laborer , 184ssouth Second
Beisheer, Simon, butcher , Front betbetween Victory and Barton
Bela, John P., carpenter , resresidence 210 nnorth Ninth
Belcher, Joseph, painter , resresidence 152 Carr
Belcher & Bros. , proprietors of sugar refinery, corcorner of Lewis
and O’Fallon
Belcher, Charles, [B. & Bros.] resresidence Planters’ House
Belcher, George, clerk , corcorner of Lewis and O’Fallon
Belcher, William H., [B. & Bros.] resresidence Planters’ House
Bell, Robert B., carpenter , Second nnorth of Webster
Bell, William M., resresidence 99 Mulberry
Bell, Hamilton, painter , resresidence 320 Morgan
Bell, Ezekiel, ship carpenter , corcorner Seventh and Biddle
Bell, Isaacpilot , Seventeenth betbetween Morgan and Christy avavenue
Bell, John, resresidence 127 Green
Bell, John M., machinist , 350 Morgan
Bell, Thomas B., ship carpenter , alley on Washbetbetween 9th and 10th
Bell, Alonzo, teamster , Centre betbetween Market and Clark avavenue
Beilis, Samuel, wagon maker , corcorner Broadway and Columbia
Bellville, Louis, forger , 87 Pine
Bellvillc, Louis, blacksmith , 219ssouth Third
Belsher, Amos, resresidence 130 Locust
Belt, David, drayman , 166 Myrtle
Belt, Henry B., deputy sheriff , 182 Market
Belt, George, painter , 160 Chesnut
Belt, Francis, s. b. captain , resresidence Mullanphy near First
Beltah, Gustavus, saddler , 60 Poplar,
Belton, John P., carpenter , 80 nnorth First
Beltramy, Antoine, painter , corcorner Rosette and Park avavenue
Bemer, Mrs.Ann boards at Calvin Case’s
Bence, Louis, moulder , corcorner Eighth and Wash
Benchendoff, O., editor of Tribune, resresidence 31ssouth First
Bender, Emanuel, shoemaker , 47ssouth Third
Bender, John, Foundryman , resresidence Sixth betbetween Rutger and Hickory
Bender, Stephen, shoemaker , 65ssouth First
Bendle, John, blacksmith , Empire Stove Works
Benedict, George B., student , resresidence 204 nnorth Seventh
Benhaker, Benjamin, drayman , resresidence 276 nnorth Eleventh
Benker, Andrew, cooper , 223 nnorth Twelfth
Benkman, Louis, glazier , Menard betbetween Marion and Carrolle