The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
156 St. Louis Directory. MAC-MAL
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Macy Josiah & Sons , wh. and retail dry goods, 2ssouth First
Madden, James, saddler , Walton House
Madden, John, (G. & M.) 5 nnorth Fourth
Madden, John, drayman , 149 nnorth Eleventh
Maddest, Philip, pedlar , 251 Carr
Maddox, Elizabeth, widow, nsnorthside Almond wwest of First
Maddox, Turner, plasterer , 83ssouth Seventh
Madely, Richard, clerk , 30 nnorth First
Madegad, John, boot maker , 7 nnorth Fourth
Maeder, John, cooper and tavern keeper , corcorner First and Elm
Mceir, G., shoemaker , 221 nnorth Sixth
Moertz, Adam, cabinet maker , Broadway near limits
Maetis, Jacob, barkeeper , 73 nnorth Front
Maffit, William, M. D. , corcorner Walnut and Sixth
Magehan, James, Seventh near Cerre
Magehan, Demetrius A., dry goods merchant , 146 nnorth Third
Magner, John, moulder , Ninth betbetween Carr and Biddle
Magragh, Patrick, drayman , alley betbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Maguire, James, clerk , 308ssouth Second
MaguireJames, jr., druggist , corcorner Second and Olive
Maguire, George, Seventh nnorth of Hickory
Maguire, Constantine, druggist , corcorner Second and Olive
Maguire, Andrew, grocer , Broadway near Jefferson
Magyre, Alexandersalesman , 82 nnorth Fourth
Mahan, John, carpenter , Sixth betbetween Cerre and Gratiot
Mahan, Francis M., clerk , Commercial
Mahar, Patrick, laborer , 96 Locust
Maher, Michael, drayman , Smith near Lewis
Maher, Patrick, cartman , Olive wwest of Fifteenth
Maher, Timothy, laborer , Olive wwest of Fifteenth
Maher, Dennis, carpenter , Olive wwest of Fifteenth
Mahews, Easabrias, confectionary , Tenthssouth of Market
Mahon, Mary, widow, 38 Gay
Mahoney, David S., bar room , 4ssouth Front
Mahoney, Mary, widow, 328 Morgan
Maichildon & LeBlanc , dry goods, 7 Market
Maichildon, Francis, [M. & L.] 7 Market
Maigne, John C, hardware and fancy store , 74 Market
Mailbag, Andrew, 37 Spruce
Maillett, Joseph, carpenter , Chesnut wwest of Fifteenth
Major, James M., watchman , corcorner Sixth and Chesnut
Major, John, 180 Morgan
Makum, Aaron, bar keeper , 48ssouth First
Malaney, Robert, carpenter , 151 nnorth Fifth
Malcolm, Samuel, [McM. & M.] 130ssouth Fifth
Male, Orphan Asylum, Catholic , corcorner Walnut and Third
Malenbrock, Frederick, drayman , Seventh nnorth of Rutgers