The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 161 MAX-MEI
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Maxwell, Michael, laborer , 312 nnorth Eighth
Maxwell, J. G., confectioner , 83 nnorth Fourth
May, James, 158 Washington avavenue
May, William, 142 Morgan
Mayger, John, plasterer , Pine wwest of Thirteenth
Mayhew, William P., mate , Tenth betbetween Wash and Carr
Maynard, Daniel, boarding house , 23 nnorth Second
Mayo, Henry W., book keeper , 27 Commercial
Mazu, Augustus, M. D. , 139ssouth Fourth
Mead, Mrs. E., confectioner , corcorner Fourth and Green
Mead, Edward, importer of watches , 52 nnorth First, resresidence Olive wwest of
Meadow, James, teamster , alley betbetween Tenth and Eleventh,ssouth of
Means, T., [S. & M.] Planters’ House
Mears, William R., cooper , 115 Front
Maslank, James, laborer , s Sixth
Mechanics’ Institute , corcorner of Pine and Third
Mecum, L., barkeeper , corcorner Walnut and Commercial alley
Meding, Leonard, shoemakers , 237 nnorth Seventh
Meding, K., shoemakers , 237 nnorth Seventh
Meech & Loring , stationers, 138 nnorth First
Meech, Stephen W., book store , 8 nnorth First
Meegan, James, [B., M. & M.] Missouri Hotel
Meeha, Francis, Carondelet avavenue betbetween Sidney and Victory
Meely, Charles, drayman , Market wwest of Sixteenth
Mees, John, blacksmith , 70 Plum
Meetcher, Jacob, baker , 217 Wash
Megee, John C., [W. & M.] 90 Chesnut
Mehl, Peter, tailor , 69ssouth Second
Mehl, Christian, shoemaker , corcorner Third and Myrtle
Mehlop, John, clerk , 190 and 192 Broadway
Meier Adolphus & Co.Company , hardware store and cotton factory, corcorner
Chesnut and First
Meier, Thomas J., hardware and cutlery , 167 nnorth Third
Meier, Conrad, tailor , 251 nnorth Ninth
Meier, Henry, drayman , Convent near Third
Meier, Jacob, brick maker , Seventh nnorth of Rutger
Meier, Julien, clerk , 241 Broadway
Meier, Henry, miller , 9 Spruce
Meier, Simon, brewer , at Bush’s Brewery
Meier, Christian, plasterer , 23 Poplar
Meier, Henry, stone mason , 359 Morgan
Meier, Christopher, pedlar , Eleventh nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Meiers, Henry, foundryman , corcorner Twelfth and Gay
Meir, John, tailor , Jackson betbetween Marion and Carroll
Meiser, Benedict, Buel betbetween Carroll and Marion