The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
162 St. Louis Directory. MEI-MET
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Meisingar, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Carr near Sixteenth
Melcher, Josiah, carpenter , Wash w of Fourteenth
MelcherJoseph, Rev.Reverend , St. Mary’s Church, corcorner Third and Mul-
Meline, Lorent, gardener , Gravois road near city limits
Mellins, John, boarding house , Front near Cherry
Mellon, Frank, 157 Washington avavenue
Meloy, Daniel, [K. & M.] Second nnorth of Cherry
Melville, Alexander, 153 Green
Meman, H. H., shoemaker , 191 Wash
Meman, J. H., laborer , rear 191 Wash
Memler, George, barkeeper , Bachelors’ Grove
Mendon, G. A., 11 Commercial
Meng, Henry, laborer , 286 nnorth Ninth
Menhart, Gerhart, cartman , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Emmet
Menkens, Anthony H., watchmaker and jeweler , 106 nnorth First
Menne, Clemens, draper and tailor , 119 nnorth Fourth
Mennes, Clemens, cabinet maker , 134 nnorth Third
Menniges, Henry, carpenter , Soulard betbetween Eleventh and Rosatti
Menniges, William, tailor , Carroll betbetween Buel and Decatur
Mentrap, Martin T., grocer , corcorner Fifth and Hickory
Mentz, Blaci, corcorner Jackson and Lafayette
Mepham, Michael S., laborers , 331ssouth Fourth
Mepham, William, laborers , 331ssouth Fourth
Meram, Charles L., mason , Carondelet avavenue near Lesperance
Meredith, William, boarding house , 6 nnorth Sixth
Mergenmeier, Adam, laborer , Ninth near Biddle
Merken, Harman, barkeeper , 240 Franklin avavenue
Mermod, A. S., clerk , 36 nnorth First
Merrick, John, cutlery and clothing , 7 nnorth Front
Merrill, Eliza, widow, Hickory betbetween Ham and Paul
Merrill, Allanson, brick makers , Hickory betbetween Ham and Paul
Merrill, Daniel, brick makers , Hickory betbetween Ham and Paul
Merriman, N. M, , clerk , 57 nnorth Front
Merritt, Abel S., York House , corcorner Green and Second
Merritt, William H., cabinet maker , 125 nnorth Second
Merten, Henry, [L. & M.] Franklin avavenue wwest of Fourteenth
Mesh, Helen, widow, Carrol betbetween Buel and Decatur
Mesh, Adam, brick maker , n Fourteenth near city limits
Mestel, Bernard, grocer , corcorner Biddle and Ninth
Metar, Gearhard, milkman , Rosatti near Marion
Metten, Lorens, watchmaker and jeweller , 90 Morgan
Metz, Nicholas, cooper , Eleventh near Carr
Metz, William, organ manufacturer , 185ssouth Fifth
Metz, Frederick, cabinet maker , 181ssouth Fifth
Metz, Jacob, cooper , Third betbetween Hazle and Convent
Metz, Christian, cooper , Secondssouth of Hazle