The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 163 MET-MIC
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Metz, William, cabinet maker , Ninth betbetween Wash and Carr
Mey, Frederick, blacksmith , Short betbetween Jackson and Wood
Meyer & Greve , tobacconists, 130 nnorth Third
Meyer, Henry, [M. & G.] Union Hall, nnorth Third
Meyer, Wermer, clerk , 59 nnorth First
Meyer, John C., leather, hides and findings , 4 nnorth First
Meyer, Frederick, clerk , 4 nnorth First
Meyer & Co.Company , lard oil manufacturers, 17ssouth Second
Meyer, H., [M. & Co.] Chouteau avavenue
Meyer, F., shoemaker , Upper Ferry
Meyer, Herman, teamster , Florida near Ninth
Meyer, John, carman , Fifteenth near Wash
Meyer, John, riverman , 268 nnorth Twelfth
Meyer, Francis, carpenter , Eleventh near Biddle
Meyer, Frederick, teamster , Fourteenth near Wash
Meyer, Charles, laborer , Mullanphy near Seventeenth
Meyer, Joseph, blacksmith , Twelfth near Wash
Meyer, John, laborer , Ninth near Biddle
Meyer, Charles F., distiller , 17 Franklin avavenue
Meyer, Xavier, shoemaker , 119ssouth Second
Meyer, Siloam, tailor , 69ssouth Second
Meyer, Henry, 41 St. Charles
Meyer, Caspar, pattern maker , 113 Wash
Meyer & Kaiser , family grocers, Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Meyer, Henry. [M. & K.] Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Meyer, H. M., [E. & M.] Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Meyer, Henry, confectioner , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Meyer, Peter, saddler , 52 Franklin avavenue
Meyer, Bals, laborer , Seventh betbetween Park avavenue and Barry
Meyer, Frederick. blacksmith , Franklin avavenue wwest of Sixth
Meyer, Joseph, bar keeper , 241ssouth Market
Meyer, Frederick, baker , 219 nnorth Sixth
Meyer, Casper E., spice and mustard maker , 167 nnorth Eighth
Meyer, B. L., family grocer , 200 Franklin avavenue
Meyer, Henry, riverman , 221 nnorth Thirteenth
Meyer, Henry H., teamster , Soulard wwest of Eleventh
Meyer, T. H., laborer , Soulard wwest of Eleventh
Meyerly, Joseph, draper and tailor , 71 Chesnut
Meyerman, D. L., shoemaker , 245ssouth Second
Meyers, S. A., clerk , 188 Broadway
Meyers, John C., teamster , corcorner Ninth and Chambers
Meyers, Henry, tailor , 170 Biddle
Meyers, Henry, clothing store , 34 nnorth Front
Meyer, John H., liquor dealer , 65 nnorth Second
Miah & Winkham , blacksmiths, corcorner First and O’Fallon
Miah, Henry, (M. & W.) corcorner First and O’Fallon
Micha, John B., tailor , Seventh nnorth of Hickory