The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
168 St. Louis Directory. MON-MOR
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Montgomery, Robert, 153 Green
Montgomery, Thomas J., 159 Green
Montgomery, George E., attorney , corcorner Third and Pine
Monti, B., [G. & M.] 65 nnorth Front
Monti, Joseph, [G. & M.] 65 nnorth Front
Montravis, Ammon, riverman , Spruce b Twelfth and Fourteenth
Monyer, Marquis, carpenter , 310 Morgan
Moody, Matthew, clerk , 214 Broadway, resresidence 192 nnorth Fourth
Mook, Jacob, baker , 60ssouth First
Mook, Henry, blacksmith , 255 nnorth Ninth
Moon, John L., 148 nnorth Sixth
Mooney, John, laborer , St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Mooney, Patrick F., St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Mooney, Francis A., clerk , 136 nnorth First, resresidence Green betbetween Fourth
and Fifth
Mooney, Charles, engineer , Warren near Broadway
Moore, George W., clerk , 26 nnorth First
Moore, George W., tinner , Walton House
Moore, William, boarding house , First near Mullanphy
Moore, Henry R., wood merchant , Benton near Broadway
Moore, Robert N., Brooklyn near Tenth
Moore, James S., M. D. , office under Planters’ House
Moore, Jonas, Broadway opposite Reservoir
Moore, William, corcorner Buel and Emmet
Moore, William, shoemaker , 241 Broadway
Moore, William B., baker , 126 Market [Biddle
Moore, William, hardware merchant , n First, resresidence Second near
Moore, W. L., stove dealer , 158 nnorth First
Moore, John, clerk , 223 Broadway
Moore, John, machinist , Tenthssouth of Market
Moore, Henry, pump and block maker , 271 nnorth First
Moore, Alexander C., barber , Fourth near Morgan
Moore & Gaither , liquor merchants, corcorner Morgan and Front
Moore, Robert, [M. & G.] 28 Locust
Moore, Davis, carpenter , 70 Almond
Moore, Robert, tailor , 221ssouth Second
Moore, John P., s b captain , 345 Morgan
Moore, Daniel, 157 nnorth Seventh
Moore, Henry, 142 nnorth Sixth
Moore, Thomas, 144 Morgan
Moore, D. D., 220 nnorth Fifth
Moore, Richard, livery stable , Collins
Moore, Mrs. Julia, widow, 202 nnorth Eleventh
Moore, Alexander, ship carpenter , 296 nnorth Seventh
Moore & Gaither , bar at “Indian Queen,” 28 Locust
Moppert, Louis, renovater , 96 Market
Moran, Frank, riverman , 28 Plum