The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 169 MOR-MOR
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Morand, Samuel, cutter , 71 Vine
Morbley, Reese, s b mate , 95 Franklin avavenue
Moreau, Charles, 143 nnorth Ninth
Moreau, Mary Mrs., widow, 101 Green
Moreau, Edward, mountaineers , 33 Plum
Moreau, Thomas B., mountaineers , 33 Plum
Morehouse, D. B., s b captain , 116 Carr
Morey, Daniel, sexton 2d Presbyterian Church, corcorner Second and Walnut
Morgan F. H. & Co. , merchants, 115 nnorth First
Morgan, Calvin, (M. M. & Co.) City Hotel
Morgan, Alexander, (M. M. & Co.) City Hotel
Morgan, Franklin H., (M. M. & Co.) City Hotel
Morgan, J. G., [P. & M.] M. D., 78 Vine
Morgan, John, iron finisher , 87 Pine
Morgan, Solomon M., Eleventh betbetween Locust and St. Charles
Morgan, John, laborer , Seventh betbetween Wash and Carr
Morgan & Co.Company , dry goods, 267 Broadway
Morgan, A. M., [M. & Co.] City Hotel
Morgan, Henry, gunsmith , 73 Morgan
Morilstz, Francis, laborer , 331ssouth Third
Morin, Patrick, drayman , Mullanphy near Ninth
Morin, Henry, mountaineer , 206ssouth Second
Morine, Anthony, butcher , DeKalb near Victory
Morisse Julius & Co.Company , hardware and cutlery, 179 nnorth Third
Moroney, John, tavern , Front betbetween Cherry and Wash
Moroney, Paul, barkeeper , Front betbetween Cherry and Wash
Moroney, Johanna, widow, Seventh nnorth of Chouteau avavenue
Morreli, Paschal, grocer , 209 Carondelet avavenue
Morris, A., clothier , 171 nnorth Third
Morris, J. P., M. D. , 44 Vine
Morris, Abraham, clothier , 51 nnorth First
Morris, M., clothier , 61 nnorth First, resresidence corcorner Third and Spruce
Morris, Henry, tavern , 97 nnorth Front
Morris, Robert F., Virginia Hotel
Morris, Emanuel, clothier , 64 nnorth First, resresidence 92ssouth Third
Morris, John P., carpenter , 8 Gay
Morris, John P., carpenter , 238 nnorth Seventh
Morris, Dennis, laborer , Spruce wwest of Twelfth
Morrison William M. & Co. , merchants, 67 nnorth Front, up stairs
Morrison, William M., [M. & Co.] 157 nnorth Fourth
Morrison, Joseph S., [A. & Co.] 10 nnorth Fifth
Morrison, James, laborer , 16 Morgan
Morrison, Henry, clerk , 35 Locust, up stairs
Morrison, William, soda manufacturers , Jackson near Carroll
Morrison, Samuel, soda manufacturers , Jackson near Carroll
Morrison, John, soda manufacturers , Jackson near Carroll
Morrison, Manley, tailor , Jackson near Barry