The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
180 St. Louis Directory. PAC-PAR
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Pachner, Henry, laborer , near corcorner of Lynn and Emmet
Packard, B. R., pilot , 46ssouth Fifth
Packard, George S., clerk , 26 nnorth First
Paddock, George, clerk , 146 nnorth First
Paddon, William, cooper , Centressouth of Market
Paddleford, Hiram, foreman at Shot Tower , Vide Poche
Pagaud, James H., 126 Carr
Pagaud, John, clerk , 69 Front
Page, James C., M. D. , 13 nnorth Fifth
Page Thomas & Co.Company , grocers and com. merch’s., 2 nnorth Front
Page & Bacon , exchange brokers, 80 nnorth First
Page, Daniel D., (P. & B.) Market near Third
Page, Oliver, carpenter , corcorner Broadway and Benton
Paget, John, blacksmith , Third betbetween Locust and Vine
Pahssnass, GeorgeRev.Reverend , Carondelet avavenue betbetween Sidney and Anne
Painter, Peter, shoemaker , 294ssouth Fifth
Painter, Charles, collector , 227 nnorth Fifth
Pallen, Moses M., M. D. , St. Charles betbetween Fourth and Fifth
Pallet, William, miller , 166 Morgan
Pallies, Joseph, coopers , corcorner Broadway and Chambers
Pallies, William, coopers , corcorner Broadway and Chambers
Palmer, William, merchant , 147ssouth Third
Palmer, Charles L., clerk , 278 Broadway
Palmer, William W., organ manf’r , Twelfth nnorth of Morgan
Palmer, James, bricklayer , Tenthssouth of Market
Palmer, Henry, shoemaker , alley on Tenth betbetween Market and
Clark avavenue
Palmer, Richard, boiler maker , 235 nnorth Second
Pancbach, Anthony, beer house , 354ssouth Second
Pancost, Charles E., riverman , 42 nnorth Fourth
Pansprach, Antoine, 354ssouth Second
Papin, Joseph L., [S. & Co.] Pine wwest of Twelfth
Papin, Sylvester V., clerk at Recorder’s Court , Morgan wwest of
Papin, Peter D., Indian trader , corcorner Second and Pine
Parcell, T. F., [L. & Co.] Planters’ House
Pariseau, Bernard, wagon maker , 117 Carondelet avavenue
Park, John, butcher , alley betbetween Marion and Rosatti
Park, Andrew, [B., P. & Co.] broker, City Hotel
Parker, James S., shoemaker , 90 Locust
Parker, Wesley, s b captain , 362 Morgan
Parker, Thomas, pilot , 236 nnorth Seventh
Parker, John, 282 nnorth First
Parker, Matthias M., mate , Wash w of Fourteenth
Parker & Co.Company , gent’s furnishing store, (P. & Co.) 85 nnorth First
Parker, Alfred A., (P. & Co.) 85 nnorth First
Parker, Edward N., (P. & Co.) 85 nnorth First