The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
182 St. Louis Directory. PAT-PEI
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Patterson, Simpson B., stage office , 30 nnorth Fourth
Patterson & Eyre , painters, 195 nnorth Fourth
Patterson, H. R., s b captain , 118 Walnut
Patterson, James, clerk , 86 Locust
Patzmann, H. F., boot maker , 135 Franklin avavenue
Paul, Almarine B., clerk , 80 Market
Paul, René, 94 Elm
Paul, John, shoemaker , alley betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Paul, William, s b captain , 61 Olive
Paulding, John W., 157ssouth Fourth
Paules, Ferdinand, grinder , 115 Carondelet avavenue
Paulet, Stephen, musicians , Morgan wwest of Eighteenth
Paulet, Louis, musicians , Morgan wwest of Eighteenth
Pauli, Christian, blacksmith , 189 Franklin avavenue
Pavey, Jesse H,, carpenter , 206 nnorth Eleventh
Payels, Frederick, carpenter , corcorner DeKalb and Victory
Payne, Louis P., [H. B. & Co.] 70 Chesnut
Payne, John, riverman , Tenthssouth of Market
Payne, E. G., clerk , 182 Broadway
Payne, Thomas J., corcorner Second and Howard
Payton, Charles F., engineer , Orange wwest of Fourteenth
Peake & Baker , commission merchants, 16 Front
Peake, Samuel H., (P. & B.) 43ssouth Fourth
Peale, Miss S. M., portrait painter , 116 nnorth Fourth
Pearce David & Co.Company , hat and cap store, 120 nnorth First
Pearce, David, (D. P. & Co.) Virginia Hotel
Pearce, John S., hydraulic plumber , 10ssouth Third
Pearson, John, clerk , 255 Broadway
Pearson, William H., clerk , 70 Front
Pease, Charles F., lottery office , corcorner Market and Third
Pease, Joseph S., hardware merchant , 6 nnorth First
Peavey, J. B., 117 nnorth Eleventh
Pever, Christopher, corcorner Sixth and Wash
Pechman, Louis, china, &c., 22 nnorth First
Peck, Ralph B., commission merchant , 72 nnorth First
Peck & Barnett , architects, 98 Olive
Peck, Charles H., [P. & B.] Locust betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Peck, Charles, collar maker , 269ssouth Second
Peck, John W., planing mill , Park avavenue near Seventh
Peck, John, 73 nnorth Eighth
Peckham, James C, bar keeper , Virginia Hotel
Peckham, Joseph, bar keeper , Virginia Hotel
Pecot, Henry, 142 nnorth Second
Peers & Whitman , boat store, 10 nnorth Front
Peers, Valentine J., (P. & W.) 98 nnorth Sixth
Peets, Stanley G., boarding house , 61 Olive
Peiper, Anthony, laborer , Seventh betbetween Rutgers and Hickory