The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
184 St. Louis Directory. PET-PIE
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Peterson, William, printer , 16 Chesnut
Petri, J., M. D. , 174 nnorth Eighth
Petruse & Co.Company , manufacturers of cordials and liquors, 15ssouth
Pettes, E. P., [P. & Co.] 31ssouth Seventh
Pettingall, Alanson, clerk , 269 Broadway
Pettit, Charles, clerk , corcorner Second and Walnut
Petty, Robert, chair maker , 53 Olive
Petzold, John F., tailor , Cherry betbetween First and Second
Peyinghaus, Robert, clerk , 4 nnorth First
Pfeiffer, Joseph, jeweller , 114ssouth Second
Pfeister, Francis, 156 Olive
Pfeister, F. V., 152 Olive
Pfoff, Jerome, teacher , Seventh betbetween Park avavenue and Rutger
Pfunt, Frederick, Eagle Brewery, 223 Carondelet avavenue
Phelan, William, Morgan wwest of Sixteenth
Phelem, James, grocer , 347 Morgan
Phelps, Elisha, teamster , Mound near First
Philip, Peter, laborer , Carondelet avavenue near Emmet
Phillibert, Augustus, (G. & Co.) watchmaker, 118 nnorth Tenth
Phillibert, Adolphus, tailor 181 nnorth Sixth
Phillibert, J. K., carpenter , 111 Green
Phillibert, Joseph, 190 nnorth Fifth
Phillibert, John B., sash makers , 67 Olive, resresidence corcorner Franklin
avavenue and Fifth
Phillibert, Benjaminsash makers , 67 Olive, resresidence corcorner Franklin
avavenue and Fifth
Philippi Alexander & Co.Company , brass founders, corcorner 2d and Cherry
Phillips, James, music saloon , 39 Market
Phillips, Nathaniel, military and music store , 42 Market
Phillips, Henry, 47ssouth Second
Phillips, George W., M. D. , 23 nnorth First, resresidence Doniphan House
Phillips, Jacob, laborer , Hamssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Phillips, Ansgel, Franklin avavenue wwest of Seventeenth
Phillips, E. J., attorney , 50 Pine, resresidence 105 Washington avavenue
Phillips, James, carpenter , 224 Carr
Phillips, John H., painter , Ninth near Madison
Phillipson, Jacob, teacher , 194ssouth Third
Phipps, Lucius, clerk , corcorner Rosatti and Soulard
Picard, Francis, carpenter , Sixth near Cerré
PickerFrederick, Rev.Reverend , corcorner Emmet and Hamtramck
Pickering L. & Co. , St. Louis Union, 35 Locust
Pickering, Loring, (P. & Co.) Planters’ House
Pickering, Charles, 330 Morgan
Pickle, Matthew, laborer , Spruce near Seventh
Picot, Louis G., attorney , 117 Chesnut
Piepmeier, Joseph F., tavern , 123 Franklin avavenue
Pierce, J. D., 120 nnorth Third
Pierron, Louisa, widow, corcorner Lesperance and Columbus