The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
186 St. Louis Directory. POD-POR
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Podmore, Richard L., clerk , Morgan betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Poe, Harding, carpenter , Mullanphy near First
Pohle, William, cooper , Florida near First
Pohlmann, Hermann, cooper , alley betbetween Barry and Miller
Pohlmann, Theodore, cigar maker , 216 Franklin avavenue
Pohlmann, Henry, shoemaker , Eleventh nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Poindexter & Wilson , merchants, 1 nnorth First
Poindexter, Marcellus, (P. & W.) corcorner Chesnut and Twelfth
Poirier & Linhoff , grocers, 24ssouth First
Poirier, Francis B., [P. & L.] 24ssouth First
Polhart, Philip, machinist , 142 nnorth Fifth
Polk, Trusten, attorney , 79 Market, resresidence Sixth betbetween Morgan and
Franklin avavenue
Polkowski, Edward S., dry goods , 242 Broadway
Pollak, Simon, M. D. , 19 Chesnut, resresidence Planters’ House
Pollard, Grace, widow, Seventeenth nnorth of Franklin avavenue
Pollock, Lewis J., dry goods , corcorner Park avavenue and Seventh
Pollock, Joseph, clerk , corcorner Park avavenue and Seventh
Pomarede, Leon, painter , Second betbetween Olive and Locust
Pomeroy & Durkee , wholesale dry goods, 146 nnorth First
Pomeroy, Augustus D., [P. & D.] Virginia Hotel
Pomeroy & Andrews , merchants, 3 Green
Pomeroy, Chester W., [E. & Co.] 29 Collins
Pomm, Antoine, painters , corcorner Ninth and Chesnut
Pomm, Henry, painters , corcorner Ninth and Chesnut
Pomm, Williampainters , corcorner Ninth and Chesnut
Pommer, Frederick W., piano forte maker , 213 nnorth Fifth
Pond, Charles H., architect and builder , Tenth nnorth of Wash
Poole, James S., gold beater , 123 nnorth Fourth
Poole, Mrs. E., millinery , 123 nnorth Fourth
Poor, Matthias, screw maker , 25 Cherry
Poorman, George, fur trader , alley betbetween Fifth and Sixth nnorth of
Poorman, Henry, carpenter , Carr near Fifteenth
Pope, A. B., M. D. , 110 nnorth Fourth
Pope, J. D., M. D. , 110 nnorth Fourth
Pope, Charles A., M. D. , 121 Locust
Pope, George, laborer , Menard betbetween Emmet and Lafayette
Pope, Isaiah, Missouri Hotel
Porforst, ——, shoemaker , corcorner Labadie and Fifth
Porter, Samuel, painter , Ninth betbetween Gratiot and Cerré
Porter, Samuel D., miller , 11 Collins
Porter, David, brick maker , Barry betbetween Rosatti and Menard
Porter, John C., book keeper , 153 nnorth First
Porter & Havens , dry goods, 48 Market
Porter, James, (P. & H.) 48 Market
Porter, Alexander, Second near O’Fallon