The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
196 St. Louis Directory. RIS-ROB
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Risley, William, [R. & Son] 105ssouth Second
Risley, David R., [R. & Son] 105ssouth Second
Risser, Daniel, tailor , 69ssouth Second
Ritchie, James, carpenter , Fifth near Rutgers
Ritcher, C. G., shoemaker , Lombard betbetween Third and Fourth
Ritcher, Christlieb, shoemaker , Lombard betbetween Third and Fourth
Rither, John, butcher , Easton betbetween Barton and Victory
Ritner, Richard, drayman , alley betbetween Pine and Olive
Rittenger, George, Virginia Hotel
Ritter, Valentine, teamster , alley on Market wwest of Sixteenth
Rittcr, William, butcher , 125 nnorth Seventh
Ritter, John, butcher , Centre Market
Rivers, Francis, soda factory , Buel betbetween Marion and Park avavenue
Roach, Patrick, fruit store , 317 Broadway
Robb William & Co.Company , hatters, 88 nnorth First
Robb, Finley, [R. & Co.] 88 nnorth First
Robb, John S., printer , 22 Olive
Robben, Henry, carpenter , Eleventh near Biddle
Robben, Herman, carpenter , Tenth near Biddle
Robben, J. H., milkman , Fourteenth near Emmet
Robbins, George C., gold pen manufacturer , 153 Market
Robbins, Solomon H., west end of Washington avavenue
Robbins, John F., hemp agent , 131 nnorth Seventh
Robbins, Elihu H., 329 Morgan
Robbins, Joseph, bricklayer , corcorner Gay and Twelfth
Robbins, Alexander, varnish maker , Ham near Hickory
Robbins, Samuel, bricklayer , Carr near Fifteenth
Roben, Gearhart, milkman , Rosatti near Marion
Roben, John H., Tenth near Carr
Roberson, George, rectifier , 218 nnorth Seventh
Roberts, J. W., patent lead pipe maker , 40 Front
Roberts, Louis, blacksmith , 38ssouth Third
Robertson, A. C, Eagle Foundry, Fourteenth near Franklin avavenue
Robertson, A., hatter , 174 nnorth First
Robertson, John W., clerk at O’Fallon Mill
Robertson, George, book keeper , 102 nnorth Fourth
Robertson, Thomas B., Laclede Saloon, Fifth betbetween Olive and
Robey, John W., clerk , 268 Broadway
Robins, George, 211 nnorth First
Robins, Caleb, Thirteenth betbetween Orange and Christy avavenue
Robins, Nathaniel, spice manufacturer , corcorner Franklin avavenue and
Robinson, William C., clerk , 99 Market
Robinson, Joseph, clerk , Chesnut betbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth
Robinson, Hilman, auctioneer , 150ssouth Fourth
Robinson, A. C, soda manf’r , Buel near Marion
Robinson, Anthony, alley on Washbetbetween Fifth and Sixth