The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
204 St. Louis Directory. SCH-SCH
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Scherer, Martin, laborer , Rutgers betbetween Fifth and Seventh
Scheuber, Frederick, saddler , 385ssouth Fifth
Schiesses, Fredoline, carpenter , Seventh opposite Rutgers
Schiffman, John, tailor , Washington avavenue betbetween First and Front
Schiller, Christopher J., Swan Tavern, 121ssouth First
Schilling, Charles, tailor , 311ssouth Fifth
Schillinger, Adam, corcorner Lafayette and Decatur
Schimer, Henry, carpenter , Tenth oppopposite Morrison avavenue
Schinzing, A., bellows maker , 230 Carr
Schlagel, John H., laborer , Seventh betbetween Marion and Barry
Schlagenhauff, Charles, shoemaker , 150ssouth Second
Schlappritzi, Frederick, pattern finisher , Empire Stove Works
Schlauser, Michael, cooper , Tenth near Chambers
Schlegelmann, Claus, laborer , 208 nnorth Twelfth
Schleger, Jacob, milkman , 290ssouth Third
Schlceger, James, shoemaker , Mullanphy near First
Schlosser, Carl, shoemaker , alley betbetween Rosatti and Hamtramck
Schluter, Ludwig, cor Carr and Fourteenth
Schluter, Herman, quarryman , 265 nnorth Twelfth
Schluter, Frederick, shoe store , 185ssouth Second
Schmea, William, laborer , Decatur near Lafayette
Schmedeiker, Frederick, laborer , rear 219 nnorth Sixth
Schmees, B., laborer , betbetween Fifth and Seventh near Park avavenue
Schmeisser, Charles, painter , 215 Carondelet avavenue
Schmet, Frank, drayman , Rosatti near Soulard
Schmidt, Christian, saddler , 47ssouth Third
Schmidt, Conrad, boot maker , Market wwest of Tenth
Schmidt, George P., shoemaker , rear 178ssouth Fourth
Schmidt, Henry, barkeeper , 189 nnorth Fourth
Schmidt, Henry, beer house , 25ssouth Front
Schmidt, Jacob, blacksmith , 62 Spruce
Schmidt, John W., boarding house , 138 nnorth Fifth
Schmidt, John W., tin and coppersmith , 67ssouth First
Schmidt, John T., clerk , 242 Broadway
Schmidt, John, shoemaker , 282ssouth Third
Schmidt, Michael, cabinet maker , 280ssouth Third
Schmieding, ——, [F. E. ty Co.] dry goods, 28 Market
Schmidtting, Frederick E., 39 Spruce
Schmuck, A., shoemaker , 7ssouth Fifth
Schmus, John, cutter , O’Fallon betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Schnabel, Charles A., M. D. , 54 Elm
Schnabel, Carlos, M. D. , 120ssouth First
Schnare, A., carpenter , 105ssouth Fourth
Schneider, William, tailor , 183 Wash
Schneider, George H., blacksmith , 237 nnorth Twelfth
Schneider, Jacob, beer house , corcorner Convent and Third
Schneider, George, merchant , 249ssouth Third