The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 35 BLA-BOG
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Blattner, Jacob, instrument maker , 40 nnorth First
Bleek, Peter, boot maker , 95 Mulberry
Bleich, John M., carpet weaver , corcorner Fifteenth and Wash
Bietzer, John, laborer , resresidence Decatur near Soulard
Bligh, Charles, founder , resresidence corcorner Third and Poplar
Block, Henry, merchant , resresidence 114 Washington avavenue
Block, Emanuel, resresidence 162 Market
Block, Morris, resresidence 240 nnorth Seventh
Block, Phineas, resresidence 140 nnorth Sixth
Block, Eleazar, resresidence 227 nnorth Sixth
Block, Levi, deputy clerk Circuit Court, office Court House
Block & Evers , family grocers, 166 nnorth Third
Block, Henry, (B. & E.) resresidence 114 Washington avavenue
Block, William H., (M. B. & Co.) resresidence 162 Market
Block, Jacob, hatter , 3ssouth Second
Blome, Emilé, clerk , corcorner Walnut and Second
Blome, Henry, dyer , Myrtle near Second
Blomus, Antoine, laborer , resresidence O’Fallon near First
Blonke, Henry, baker , corcorner Fifteenth and Carr
Blood, Sullivan, resresidence 152 Market
Blood, John H., draper and tailor , 72 Chesnut
Blossom, Joseph, resresidence 139 Green
Blow, Taylor, druggist , resresidence 132 Market
Blow, Henry T., white lead and linseed oil manufacturer , 19
and 21 Washington avavenue , resresidence corcorner Sixth and Walnut
Blume, Eugene, clerk , 16ssouth First
Blume, Charles, brickmaker , resresidence corcorner Soulard and Harntramck
Blumenthal, Augustus A., stone mason , resresidence 184 nnorth Ninth
Blunt, J. E., carpenter , resresidence 94 Washington avavenue
Bluss, Francis B., cigar maker , 90½ Front
Blyler, William, merchant , corcorner First and Mullanphy
Boal, James, resresidence 86 Locust
Boardman, Augustus, carpenter , resresidence Ninth near Gratiot
Boatmen’s Savings Institution , 14 Locust
Bobb, Charles, resresidence 171 Walnut
Bockrath, Henry, watchmaker , 125 Franklin avavenue
Bocker, Ferdinand, cap manufacturer , 33 nnorth Second
Bodeman, E. D., teamster , 81ssouth Seventh
Body, Adam, (M. C. & Co.) resresidence Soulard betbetween Jackson and Carroll
Bœhm, Martin C. J., clerk , 1 79 nnorth First
Bœhm, Frank, hair cutter , 92 nnorth Third
Bœhn, Christopher, beer house , 153 nnorth Fifth
Bœhn, John, resresidence 153 nnorth Fifth
Bœlling, William, barber , 59ssouth First
Bogehalz, William, porter , 24 Franklin avavenue
Bogest, William, clerk , 146 nnorth Second
Boggs, Harvey, book keeper , City Hotel 6