The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 209 SHA-SHE
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Shaffer, Daniel, teamster , alley corcorner Lesperance and Picotte
Shaffer, Frederick D., clerk , 232 Broadway
Shaffner, George, Chouteau avavenue wwest of Eleventh
Shaffrener, M., cigar store , 42 nnorth Fourth
Shafler, John, carpenter , Carondelet avavenue near Lafayette
Shafton, William, moulder , corcorner Cedar and First
Shaller, Michael, merchant , 150ssouth Fifth
Shamby, Henry, tailor , Victory wwest of Columbus
Shammer, William, 45 St. Charles
Shands & Co.Company , O’Fallon Mill, junction ofssouth Fourth and Fifth
Shands, Joseph G., (S. & Co.) Gratiot betbetween Fourth and Fifth
Shands, William O., bricklayer , 161 nnorth Eighth
Shanger, Christopher, cooper , 61 Spruce
Shannon, Brant, tavern keeper , 101 Morgan
Shannon, William, quarryman , Carr near Seventeenth
Shannon, John, grocer , 45 nnorth Front
Shannon, ——, s b captain , Virginia Hotel
Shaub, Jacob D., [L. & S.] Howard near Second
Shapleigh, Augustus F., (S., D. & Co.) 60 St. Charles
Shapleigh, Day & Co.Company , hardware merchants, 175 nnorth First
Shapley, John, carpenter , corcorner Collins and Ashley
Sharkey, John, constable , Seventh betbetween Clark avavenue and Elm
Sharp & Means , attorneys, 34 nnorth First
Sharp, B. W., (S. & M.) Planters’ House
Sharp, Jacob D., carpenter , Mound near Broadway
Sharp, John, carpenter , Fifteenthssouth of Market
Sharpe, John, clerk , 93 nnorth First
Shattle, Henry, tailor , corcorner Jackson and Miller
Shaub, Dennis, mattress maker , corcorner Fourth and Market
Shaub, Jacob D., (L. & S.) Howard near Second
Shaughnessy, James, 155 Green
Shaw, John, stone mason , Morgan wwest of Fifteenth
Shaw, Hiram, (S. & Co.) tobacconist , 18ssouth First
Shaw, James, bricklayer , Washington avavenue wwest of Sixteenth
Shaw, James W., engineer , 166 Wash
Shaw, James G., printer , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
Shaw, John, agent for Brandreth’s pills , 115 Market
Shaw John & Co.Company , watchmakers, 46 Market
Shaw, Benjamin L., (W. & S.) 66 nnorth Fourth
Shaw, James, pattern maker , corcorner Columbia and Broadway
Shaw, Isaac, bricklayer , Sixteenth near Biddle
Shay, William, millwright , 259 nnorth Seventh
Shea, James, (K. & S.) 13 Chesnut
Shean, Mary, boarding house , 101 Front
Shean, John, teamster , Pine wwest of Fifteenth
Shearer, Sextus, attorney , 76 nnorth First
Shearer, John, tailor , 46 Olive