The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
210 St. Louis Directory. SHE-SHO
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Sheerwood, Lyman, (S. & S.) Seventh nnorth of Spruce
Sheets, Benjamin T., brick maker , Broadway near N. Market
Shefer, Henry, 308 nnorth Eighth
Sheffield, John, gardener , corcorner Morgan and Eighteenth
Shefler, John, laborer , Sixteenth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Gay
Sheilds, Thomas, 174 Morgan
Shehan, Jeremiah, drayman O’Fallon near Broadway
Sheldeker, Lucas, 265 nnorth Seventh
Sheldon, Joseph, mate , Biddle near Eighth
Sheldroth, George, painter , near City Hospital
Sheler, Herman, carpenter , Webster near Broadway
Shelling, Joseph, stone cutter , Victory eeast of Jackson
Shelt, William, beer house , 354ssouth Fifth
Shelt, Joseph, plasterer , alley betbetween Rosatti and Menard
Shelton, Josiah, Third betbetween Locust and Olive
Shelton, John G., tailor , corcorner Fourth and Chesnut
Shelton, Pines H., tobacco inspector , corcorner Sixth and Washing-
[ton avavenue
Shelton, ——, (S. & F.) Planters’ Tobacco Warehouse
Shemaker, H. G., shoemaker , corcorner Ninth and Labeaume
Shepherd & Brady , merchants, 19 Front
Shepherd, John C, [S. & B.] 248 Washington avavenue
Shepherd, John B., furnishing store , 47 nnorth Fourth
Shepherd, Elihu H., 11 nnorth Fourth
Shepherd, John, carpenter , 248 Washington avavenue
Shepherd, David, 125 Elm
Shepley, John R., [S., T. & T.] corcorner Fourth and Cedar
Sherbune, Henry, clerk , 159 Green
Sherer, Samuel B., shoe store , corcorner Broadway and Franklin avavenue
Sherer, Christian, grocer , 164ssouth Third.
Sherick, George W., 193 Locust
Sherman, ——, dyer , 51ssouth First
Sherman, Levy, 130 nnorth Fourth
Sherman, Isaac, 130 nnorth Fourth
Sherwood, Lyman, founder , 56ssouth Seventh
Shesler, George, corcorner Columbus and Lami
Shidy & Loomis , produce merchants, 276 nnorth First
Shidy, William, (S. & L.) Seventh betbetween Carr and Biddle
Shields, Edward, moulder , Centressouth of Market
Shine, John, beer house , 195 Green
Shingle, Louis, laborer , Ninth near Benton
Shirley, Ephraim, plasterer , corcorner Chesnut and Thirteenth
Shloss & Bros. , retail dry goods, 24 Market
Shloss, Frederick, (S. & Bro.,) 24 Market
Shloss, Philip, (S. & Bro.,) 24 Market
Shluter, Edward W., cigar store 34 nnorth Fourth
Shnafferer, Matthias, cigar store , 73 nnorth Second
Shoaff, Philip, printer , 16 Chesnut