The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 213 SIM-SLY
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Simpson, Robert, treasurer Boatmen’s Savings Institution, 16
Locust, resresidence corcorner Third and Elm
Simpson, John H., clerk , 120 nnorth First, resresidence Virginia Hotel
Simpson, John, clerk , 14 nnorth First
Simpson, Martin, Sixth near Biddle
Singer, William, paymaster U. S. A.United States of America , 24 nnorth Fifth
Singleton, Henry, port warden , 86 nnorth Eighth
Sinimon, David, forger , Eighth betbetween Carr and Biddle
Sippel, Henry, carpenter , 282 nnorth Eighth
Sire, Joseph A., [P. C., jr. & Co.Company ] 131 Olive
Sisson, Freeborn, rectifier , 54 nnorth Second
Sivadic, Daniel, carpenter , Biddle near Sixteenth
Skellbrink, Antoine, laborer , corcorner Jackson and Duchouquette
Skelton, James M., Christy avavenue wwest of Thirteenth
Skiller, Franc, chandler , Twelfth nnorth of Chouteau’s pond
Skillay, Timothy, corcorner Christy avavenue and Sixteenth
Skillman, William D., book store , 55 nnorth Fourth
Skinner, John W., attorney and notary public , 19 Chesnut
Skinner, Amos T., clerk , corcorner Fourth and Market
Skinner, P., furniture store , 162 nnorth Sixth
Slack, Shelton & Fife , tobacco inspectors, Planters’ Tobacco
Slack, John, State tobacco inspector , corcorner Sixth and Morgan
Slanger, Lorens, shoemaker , 138ssouth Fifth
Slautry, James, cartman , Stoddard avavenue ssouth of Chouteau avavenue
Slawerig, John, laborer , Thirteenth betbetween Franklin avavenue and Wash
Sleeper, Logan, laborer , Jackson betbetween Marion and Carroll
Sleeper, M., clerk , 226 Broadway
Slevin P. & B. , wholesale dry goods, 150 nnorth First
Slevin, Bernard, [P. & B. S.] Virginia Hotel
Slevin, Patrick, laborer , 199 nnorth Sixth
Slevin, Richard, boarding house , 89 Olive
Slevin, Patrick, 43 St. Charles
Slevin, Charles, [T. & C. S.] 136 Walnut
Slevin T. & C , dry goods, 36ssouth First
Slevin, Thomas, [T. & C. S.] 200 Market
Sloan, William, painter , 137 Carondelet avavenue
Sloan, A. C, merchant , 140 Spruce
Sloper & Rimmer , millinery, 62 Market
Sloss William L. & J. H. , att’ys and land agents, 56 Chesnut
Sloss, William L., corcorner Fourth and Locust
Sloss, Joseph H., 56 Chesnut
Sloss, John, clerk , 88 Locust, up stairs
Sloss, James C, clerk , corcorner Mound and Broadway
Sluter, William, barkeeper , 18 Vine
Sluyter, Alfred, clerk , 2ssouth First
Sly, Eli, riverman , corcorner First and Florida