The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
18 St. Louis Directory. ADA-ALB
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Adams R. & J. , druggists, corcorner of Fourth and Market and corcorner
of Fourth and Green
Adams, John, (R. & J.) resresidence corcorner of Walnut and Fifteenth
Adams, Rudolph, (R. & J.) resresidence corcorner of Walnut and Fifteenth
Adams, William, police officer , resresidence 207 nnorth Eighth
Adams, John H., clerk , 118 nnorth First
Adams, James, resresidence 154 nnorth Eleventh
Adams, James, river man , resresidence 133 nnorth Seventh
Adamson, Joseph, butcher , 5 Green st
Addington, John, mate , resresidence 207ssouth Second
Adell, Henry, clerk , 28 Commercial
Aden, S. B., publisher Bible Advocate , resresidence 187 Broadway
Adram, James, cooper , 190ssouth Third
Adreon, Stephen W., M. D. , 121 Locust
Adriance, William, dry goods merchant , 60 Market, resresidence 248 nnorth
Affleck, Thomas B., proprietor Mound Hotel, Broadway.
Aeineke, Henry, cabinet maker , 235 nnorth Thirteenth
Agan, Michael, laborer , 202ssouth Main
Agen, James, book pedler , resresidence Ninth betbetween Market and Walnut
Agenworth, Charles, laborer , resresidence Centre betbetween Market & Clark avavenue
Ager, John, laborer , resresidence 281 Tenth
Agers, Henry, resresidence 180 Morgan
Aglbison, Joseph, nail maker , 31 Cherry
Agnew, James, clerk , resresidence Second near O’Fallon
Agnew, John O., resresidence Planters’ House
Agnew, James, boatman , resresidence Eighth nnorth of Carr
Agort, John, tailor , Biddle near Eleventh
A’Haren, William, resresidence 93 St. Charles
Ahern, William, resresidence 93 St. Charles
Ahrens, William, family grocer , corcorner of Ninth and Franklin avavenue
Ahrens, George, turner , resresidence 271ssouth Second
Ahrens, John D., family grocer , corcorner of Eleventh and Wash
Ahrens, Henry, grocer , 91ssouth Second
Ailors, Hermann, shoemaker , Almond near Second
Airington, William, resresidence 236 Eleventh
Akins, John, clerk , resresidence 185 Fifth
Alberdink, Dederick, laborer , orchard near pond
Alberger, Jacob, saddler , corcorner of Eleventh and Locust
Albers, Bennett, laborer , 226 nnorth Eleventh
Albert, William, resresidence corcorner of Sixth and Wash
Albert, William, tailor , resresidence Ninth betbetween Wash and Carr
Albiby, James, shoemaker , 337 Morgan
Albright, H. A., clerk , 118 nnorth First
Albright, Peter, gardiner , Carondelet avavenue near Duchouquette
Albright, Henry, fruit and cigar store , corcorner of Vine and Third
Albright, Thomas J., gunsmith and importer , 21 Chesnut, resresidence
betbetween Clark avavenue and Eleventh. [See card.]