The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
36 St. Louis Directory. BOG-BOR
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Boggs, George, agent and notary public , 64 nnorth 3d, resresidence City Hotel
Bogy & Miltenberger , attorneys, 121 Chesnut
Bogy, Lewis V., (B. & M.) resresidence 184 Olive
Bohannan, Alexander, mate , resresidence 86 Mulberry
Bohannan, William A. S., M. D. , 65 Pine
Bohl, George, clerk , 86ssouth Fifth
Bohl J. & F. , grocers, 86ssouth Fifth
Bohl, John, (J. & F. B.) resresidence 86ssouth Fifth
Bohles, Rodolph, cigar store , 24 Franklin avavenue
Bohmer, Frederick, variety store , 3 Franklin avavenue
Bohmer, Peter, shoe maker , Thirteenth near Carr
Bokern, Anthony, fruit store , 37 Olive
Bolanter, Valentine, tailor , 69ssouth Second
Boli, William, shoe maker , Carondelet avavenue betbetween Lesperance and
Boli, Catharine, widow, resresidence corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Lami
Bolkman, Frederick, laborer , resresidence Ninth near Biddle
Bollard, John, (G.& B.) resresidence 242ssouth Second
Bollet, J. F., M. D. , 97 Green
Bollinger, John, grocer , 49ssouth First
Bollinger, Georgematch maker , 193ssouth Second
Bollinger, Francis, merchant , 242ssouth Second
Bollman, C. H., tailor , 50 Vine
Bolo, Grocenda, corcorner Front and Pine
Bolton & Wilson , house and sign painters, 106 nnorth Second
Bolton, Richard E., (B. & W.) resresidence 57 Green
BoltonRichard jr., , 57 Green
Boman, George, carpenter , resresidence Marion betbetween Carondelet avavenue and
Bompart, Louis B., clerk , 7 nnorth First
Bonde, Rasper, carpenter , Seventh betbetween Park avavenue and Barry, resresidence
Barry betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Bone & Baker , grocers, corcorner Broadway and Palm
Bone, Robert, [B. & B.] resresidence corcorner Broadway and Palm
Bonnegan, Michael, moulder at Phœnix Foundry
Bonner, James D., [c.] dressing saloon , 36 nnorth Fourth
Bontler, Martin, 332ssouth Second
Bontell, Charles A., clerk , 156 nnorth Second, resresidence 86 Franklin avavenue
Bonus, Henry, printer , Menard betbetween Marion and Park avavenue
Boothe, William, [L. & Co.] resresidence Seventh betbetween Pine and Chesnut
Boothe & Bullock , com.commission and produce merchants, corcorner Second
and Washington avavenue
Boothe, James, [B. & B.] resresidence corcorner Second and Washington avavenue
Boothe, Elijah, gas fitter , resresidence Market betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Boon, Henry, miller , Union Steam Mills
Borcherding, Christian, shoe maker , 231 Carondelet avavenue
Bordistar, Louis, fruit store , 75 Chesnut
Borell, John, cigar maker , 79ssouth First