The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 217 SOA-SPE
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Soap, Andrew, Virginia Hotel
Sodra, John, barkeeper , 60ssouth Second
Soin, Ernst, locksmith , 62ssouth First
Solesman, Conrad, carpenter , Wash near Fifteenth
Sommers, Peter, 208 nnorth Twelfth
Sommers, Joseph, teamster , 360ssouth Fifth
Somerville, Samuel, engineer , 204 nnorth Eleventh
Sonder, John, collar maker , 275ssouth Third
Souer, Nicholas, tailor , Wash near Fifteenth
Souer, Jacob, engineer , Ashley near the Dry Dock
Souer, Gotlieb, tailor , 61ssouth Second
Souer, Jacob, provision store , corcorner Carondelet avavenue and Lesperance
Souer, Sebastian, 295ssouth Second
Sougron, Alfred, 226 nnorth Second
Sougron, G. R., 226 nnorth Second
Soulard, Benjamin, office corcorner Park avavenue and Fifth
Soulard, James G., office 166ssouth Seventh
Soulet, Antoine, bar room , under block 7, City Hall
Soule, John, carpenter , Morgan wwest of Fifteenth
Soum, Eton, cellar digger , alley nnorth of Lafayette
Southack, Joseph, clerk , 149 nnorth First, resresidence 96 Pine
Southack, Francis W., book keeper , corcorner Chesnnt and Seventh
Southard, Morris, baker , corcorner Seventeenth and Christy avavenue
Southerlauet, Daniel, ship carpenter , Broadway nrnear Hempstead
Southwick, Daniel H., queensware , 35 Market
Southwood, Thomas, Mulberry betbetween Third and Fourth
Spapleider, Frederick, carpenter , 19ssouth Eighth
Spalding, Simon F., justice of the peace , office, 106 nnorth Second
Spalding, Tiffany & Shepley , attorneys, 65 nnorth First
Spalding, Josiah, [S., T. & T.] corcorner Fourth and Cedar
Sparhawk, George W., inspector of boats , 119 nnorth Eighth
Sparhawk, George W., jr., pilot , Christy avavenue wwest of city limits
Sparr, John H., Virginia Hotel, corcorner First and Green
Spears, Cyrus, brickmaker , alley near Florida
Speck, Louis, [W., H. & H.] 12ssouth Second
Speight, Jacob, grocery , 10 Morgan
Speikman, William, clothier , 169 Morgan
Speiler, John, weigher , 211ssouth Fifth
Speilman, Frederick, ship carpenter , Ninth nnorth of Chambers
Speilman, Samuel H., [H. & S.] 19ssouth Eighth
Spelbrink, Barney, drayman , 255 nnorth Thirteenth
Spellary, Martin, drayman , Twelfthssouth of Clark avavenue
Spellen, Stephen, 150 nnorth Eleventh
Spelt, John, shoemaker , 246 nnorth Eighth
Spelte, Frederick, family grocer , 284 nnorth Seventh
Spencer, Ferdinand, (H. & S.) 231 Broadway
Spencer, Sherman, clerk , 44ssouth Fifth