The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 219 STA-STE
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Stacy, William, [S. & M.] 241 nnorth Sixth
Stadler, John, laborer , Decatur near Soulard
Stadtler, Jacob, tobacconist , 80ssouth Second
Stadthagen, Ernest, laborer , Sixteenth near Carr
Stafflebach, Joseph C., confectioner , 54 Market
Staffon, Peter, ice dealer , Jackson near Barry
Stagg, Edward, 73 nnorth Fifth
Stagg, Henry, Locust betbetween Sixth and Seventh
Stake, S. T., carpenter , 280 nnorth Fifth
Stake, Andrew, laborer , Decatur near Soulard
Staley, Valentine, [A. & S.] People’s Organ, 9 Chesnut
Stailey, Samuel, s b captain , 100 Washington avavenue
Stall, Henry, stone mason , rear 194 nnorth Eighth
Stamps, William S., brickmaker , Florida near Broadway
Stamps & Gillespie , grocers, upper ferry
Stamps, Charles F., [S. & G.] Benton near Ninth
Standin, John, laborer , Second near Howard
Standin, William, laborer , 175 nnorth Second
Standish, Charles, 147 Green
Stanley, Sheldon, engineer , 214 Franklin avavenue
Stansberry I. & E. , variety store , 58 Market
Stansberry, Ira, J. & E. S.
Stansberry, Ezra, J. & E. S.
Stanton, Michael, cooper , corcorner Geyer avavenue and Carondelet avavenue
Stanton, Michael, laborer , 99 Olive
Stanton, William, Christy avavenue wwest of Sixteenth
Stantze, Frederick, cartman , 274 nnorth Eleventh
Stapleford, ——, 51 nnorth First
Staples, Talcott, tailor , 27 Chesnut, resresidence Walton House
Stapleton, John, beer house , 296 Broadway
Stark, Conrad, 239 Franklin avavenue
Starkey, Samuel, shoemaker , 106 Morgan
Starkweather, Noble, tinner , n First
Staub, Horatio, painter , 220 nnorth Eleventh
Staulter, Frederick, 268 nnorth Seventh
Stayton, Jacob, St. Charles betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Stealey, Thomas, family grocer , corcorner Morgan and Seventh
Stealey, George, M. D. , 183 Franklin avavenue
Stearns, Ruell J., engineer , corcorner Seventeenth and Carr
Steaer, Nicholas, carpenter , corcorner Lombard and Third
Steckmann, Bernard, laborer , Spruce near Twelfth
Stedgerman, George, rectifier , 81 and 82 nnorth Front
Stedman, Thomas, armorer , Arsenal
Steed, William, brickmaker , Rutgers betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Steel, Joseph, ship carpenter , corcorner Ninth and Madison
Steel, James W., shoemaker , rear of No. 11 nnorth Fourth
Steel, John, Carrbetbetween Seventh and Eighth