The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
222 St. Louis Directory. STI-STO
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Stickney, Moses H., clerk , Planters’ House
Sticks, George, painter , Carondelet avavenue near Soulard
Stier, Henry, shoemaker , 73 Locust
Stietenroth, Henry, cabinet maker , Cerré betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Stiffle, & Winkelmeyer, Union brewery, Market wwest of
Stiffle, Frederick, (S. & W.) Union brewery, Market wwest of
Stiles, Elias B., Seventh betbetween Olive and Locust
Stiles, Samuel C, Seventh betbetween Olive and Locust
Stiles, David L., stoves and castings , 211 nnorth First
Stillat, James, drayman , 185 Morgan
Stille, George H., clerk , 36 Franklin avavenue
Stille, George, (W., S. & Co.) Planters’ House
Stillman, Henry B., Eleventh near Wash
Stillwell, Edmund, pilot , Mullanphy near Second
Stillwell & Co.Company , gas store, 42ssouth First
Stillwell, Samuel, (J. & S.) Orchardw of Ninth
Stinde, Conrad H. R., clerk , 84 nnorth First
Stine, Charles W., family grocery , corcorner Fourth and Olive
Stinger, John, cooper , Market wwest of Twelfth
Stingrand, Henry, foundryman , 117 Wash
Stintzmire, Stephen, laborer , Decatur near Marion
Stipp, Joseph, engineer , 57 Green
Stipermann, Christian, laborer , Decatur near Lafayette
St. Michael, Edward, clerk , 62 Chesnut
Stobbs, John, engineer , Mound near Eighth
Stock, Stephen, Oregon Brewery , Seventhssouth of Barry
Stock, Dominick, boot maker , 59 nnorth Second
Stock, Edward, professor of music , Franklin avavenue betbetween Fifth and
Stock, William, clerk , 24ssouth First
Stocker, William H., Tenth betbetween Morgan and Green
Stodat, William, currier , Seventhssouth of Hickory
Stoker, Joseph, stone cutter , near City Hospital
Stokey, Peter, laborer , Carondelet avavenue near Duchouquette
Stoll, Hypolite, book keeper , 6 nnorth Front
Stoltebenn, Herman, (S. & W.) 235 nnorth Thirteenth
Stoltebeen & Wittenbrock , family grocers, 235 nnorth Thirteenth
Stoltie, Rodolph, teamster , Ninth near Florida
Stone, ——, clerk , 37 Locust
Stone, Abner, (R. & Co.) 69 Locust
Stone, J. W., clerk , 173 nnorth Third
Stone C. W. & Co. , clothiers, 168½ nnorth First
Stone, Charles W., (S. & Co.) Virginia Hotel
Stone, Robert H., grocer and commission merchant , 57 nnorth Front
Stone, John D.. joiner , 22 Gay
Stone, Frederick, baker , Franklin avavenue wwest of Fifteenth
Stone, Henry R., carpenter , 135 Chesnut