The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 223 STO-STR
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Stonehaul, Fritz, plasterer , Ham near Marion
Stoops, William, baker , 327ssouth Fifth
Storm, Y., cooper , 223 nnorth Thirteenth
Stothard, Charles, carpenter
Stotta, John, cabinet maker , Labadie betbetween Fifth and Sixth
Stout, Ludwig, laborer , Seventhssouth of Hickory
Stout, Benjamin F., broker ; corcorner Market and Third
Stout, Moses, (M. & N. H. S.) 61 nnorth Sixth
Stout M. & N. H. , plane makers and dealers in hardware, 157
nnorth First
Stout, Nathaniel H., (M. & N. H. S.) 197 nnorth Fifth
Stout, Joseph, frame maker , Olive betbetween Second and Third
Stout, Anthony, brick maker , Rosatti near Soulard
Straaper, Wilkinson, inspector of gas works , 69 Pine
Strange, Jesse E., corcorner Broadway and Hempstead
Strasser, John, Switzerland House, 53ssouth Second
Strassner, Christian, forger , 87 Pine
Stratman, Henry, family grocery , corcorner Market and Tenth
Stratton, Henry D., dental surgeon , 123 Chesnut
Stratton, Lorenzo, [B. & S.] 81 nnorth First
Stratton, William, moulder , Cedar near Second
Stratton, Levi, blacksmith , Eighth betbetween Carr and Biddle
Stredtmann, Henry, drayman , Spruce near Twelfth
Street, William R., Virginia Hotel
Street R. & A. , clothiers, 110 nnorth First
Street, William, cooper , Carondelet avavenue near Second and Fifth
Streihm, Sylvester, tailor , 296ssouth Fifth
Stribling, Sigismund, clerk , 14 nnorth First
Strickler, John, beer house , 201 Carondelet avavenue
Strock, Henry, wagon maker , 62 Spruce
Stroh, Adam, tailor , Carrbetbetween Seventh and Eighth
Strohbeck, Henry, clerk , 203 Broadway
Strohbeck, Herman, grocer , 383ssouth Market
Stroke, Herman, milkman , corcorner Menard and Emmet
Strong, Benjamin, carpenter , corcorner Broadway and Harrison
Strong, Henry L., carver , corcorner Fifth and Pine, resresidence 142 Market
Strong, ——, teamster , w of Carondelet avavenue , oppopposite Sidney
Strontcel, ——, distiller , 23 Elm
Stropp, John, Morgan wwest of Seventeenth
Strother, J. R., [L. & S.] 44 nnorth Fourth
Strother, John W., 126 Carr
Strother, R. M., s b captain , Scott’s Hotel
Stroup, George, cooper , 170ssouth Fourth
Stroup, Thomas, cooper , Third betbetween Cedar and Plum
Strouse, Henry, ship carpenter , Wash w of Twelfth
Strunk, Henry, laborer , Collins near Columbia
Strunk, ——, teamster , near corcorner of Geyer avavenue and Carondelet avavenue