The St. Louis directory for 1848 /
St. Louis Directory. 227 TAY-TEL
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Taylor, Thomas M., [T. & Co.] Fifth betbetween Chesnut and Pine
Taylor, Philip O., clerk , 79 nnorth Front
Taylor, John, clerk , 199 nnorth First, resresidence 31 Vine
Taylor, Thomas M., [McK. & Co.] resresidence 19ssouth Fifth
Taylor & Mason , attorneys, 56 Pine
Taylor, Isaac W., [T. & M.] Olive betbetween Ninth and Tenth
Taylor, George R., attorney , 64 Chesnut, resresidence 36ssouth Fifth
Taylor, John M., clerk . 73 nnorth First
Taylor, John, tobacconist , 31 Vine
Taylor, William H., carriage trimmer , Walton House
Taylor, J. M., tailor, dyer and scourer , 97 nnorth Third
Taylor, John D., com.commission merchant , 146 nnorth Second, up stairs
Taylor, George, s b captain , corcorner First and Ashley
Taylor, James, pilot , Collins near Columbia
Taylor, John, riverman , Spring near Broadway
Taylor, Charles, teamster , Spring near Broadway
Taylor, Robert, carrier , 309 nnorth Ninth
Taylor, Egbert, cabinet maker , 253 Morgan
Taylor, Thomas, skin dresser , 124ssouth First
Taylor, Edward D., clerk , 362ssouth Fifth
Taylor, Isaac, laundry , 107 Locust
Taylor, John M., riverman , Orange wwest of Sixteenth
Taylor, Theodore, 161 nnorth Seventh
Taylor, Henry S., Clark avavenue wwest of Twelfth
Taylor, Thomas, mate , Franklin avavenue betbetween Eighth and Ninth
Taylor, Thomas H., pilot , 160 Franklin avavenue
Taylor, John, machinist , Second above Cherry
Taylor, Jeremiah, bricklayer , Ninth near Spring
Taylor, Charles, butcher , corcorner Twelfth and Clark avavenue
Taylor, Levi W., 200ssouth First
Taylor & Ferguson , 50ssouth Fourth
Taylor, William, livery stable , 56 Walnut
Taylor, Robert S., Olive wwest of Ninth
Tayon, John, caulker , Mound near Ninth
Taysom, John, 278 Market
Teabe, John, tailor , 42 Chesnut
Tebbe, J. H., family grocer , corcorner Sixth and Franklin avavenue
Tebenhoff, Barney, clerk , corcorner Biddle and Eighth
Tebold, George, carpenter , 77 Franklin avavenue
Teel, James M., cabinet maker , Market betbetween Seventh and Eighth
Tehmann, Harmann, porter , 81 and 82 nnorth Front
Tehte, Bernard, shoemaker , Ninthssouth of Cerré
Teickmeyer, Grissel, blacksmith , Sixth
Tekelman, Matthias, bookbinder , Ham near Hickory
Telegraph, Office, 73 nnorth First
Tell, William, miller , Jackson near Marion
Tellas, Thomas, musician , 349 Morgan